They Found This Abandoned Kitten. Now Watch What The Crow Does To Her…

Some animals are just natural born enemies, but every now and then we learn that not every Tom and Jerry hate each other.

A story of an unlikely animal friendship proves exactly that… and it can also teach us humans a lot about how to live.

Wallace and Ann Collito, a family very fond of animals, were shocked to find a tiny kitten outside their home and decided to take her in.

What they didn’t expect was that the black-and-white kitten was not alone, but had an unbelievable company, a black crow, who has literally side by side with the kitten!

The bird was literally feeding the kitten and taking care of her.

The crow is supposed to eat anything with fur, but instead he was doing the exact opposite!

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Their friendship sounds like a story you’d hear in a children’s book, but the video proves that not all stories are fairy tales!

Their incredible connection has touched millions all over the world and people can learn a lot from these 2 fellas.

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Crow and Kitten Are Friends:

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