THIS Is How Music Helps You Heal Digestion (You Will NEVER Hear This From A Mainstream Doctor)

The experience of sound is at the very core of human consciousness, and it can be a powerful tool for healing, said Jeffrey Thompson, DC, at the annual meeting of the American Holistic Medical Association.

For more than 20 years, Dr. Thompson has been exploring neuroacoustics and the therapeutic application of sound. His researches have led to the development of precise protocols for using sound to modulate brainwave patterns, affect sympathetic-parasympathetic balance, and synchronize the activity of the right and left brain hemispheres. He has applied these methods in stress reduction, cardiovascular disease prevention, management of depression, and a host of other conditions.

“It is akin to the picking of a lock on the neurophysiologic processes that the body already uses to heal itself,” said Dr. Thompson, director of the Center for Neuroacoustic Research, San Diego. His work with neuroacoustics is very different from other forms of music therapy. It is not about facilitating a patient’s musical self-expression, nor does it use music as a palliative. It involves direct application of specific sound combinations—unique to each patient, but precise and measurable—to entrain beneficial physiologic responses.

Dr. Jeffrey Thompson’s Tips for Healing Your DigestionЧ

Stress and Your Digestion

When under stress, all of your body’s resources go to your muscles and limbs so you can run or fight. This means there are little, if any, resources for thinking, decision-making, immunity or digestion. It’s important to take time to manage or reduce stress in order to heal your digestive system. Music can help you do this because it brings your body back into homeostasis or a balanced rhythm.

The Type of Music Matters

Calm music, like classical music (study has show that Mozart and Strauss pieces have a positive effect on learning and your gut bacteria), is a great choice. Heavy metal music can often create more stress. When choosing music, notice how you feel. Look for music that is calming as a way to manage stress.

Sound Healing Music

There are three types of sound healing music that Dr. Jeff creates:

  • Music for specific goals, like better sleep, creativity, stress reduction, memory and learning, and healing;
  • Music for specific conditions that is more prescriptive. For this type of music, you’d need to contact Dr. Jeff at (760) 931-5333 to discuss your needs; and
  • Customized sound healing music that is made specifically for you and based on the sound of your own voice when you are at homeostasis.

This is the music Dr. Jeff creates for his patients who come to his office to work with him.

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Sound Healing If One Is Deaf

You can use special bone conduction headphones to feel the healing vibrations or sit right next to large speakers with the bass turned up (to feel the vibration).

Tips for Neurological Issues, Weight Issues and Chronic Blood Sugar Problems

For our caller, Jo, who described a genetic neurological condition and severe blood sugar imbalances, Dr. Jeff recommended his Alpha Relaxation System CD Set.

Sip Broth For Easy-To-Digest Nutrients

Make vegetable broth and bone broth and sip them regularly throughout the day. Clear broths like this are easy to digest and don’t tax the digestive system. Learn more about how bone broth can heal leaky gut and leaky brain. Broth is also a great way to get targeted nutrients and boost energy, which helps solve blood sugar drops without taking in solid food and excess calories.

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The Gut-Brain Connection and the Vagus Nerve

The gut and brain are made of the same tissue and have many of the same brain chemicals (neurotransmitters). They are connected by the vagus nerve, allowing them to communicate 24-7. The gut can influence our moods, decisions, willpower, ability to sleep and more, just as the brain can influence the gut. There is a community of good and bad bacteria in the gut that is responsible for our health, called the microbiome. If the bad bacteria gets out of hand (through poor diet of too much sugar and processed foods, antibiotics or other pharmaceutical medications, stress or environmental toxins), an imbalance is created. This creates imbalance and sends distress signals to the brain.

Your vagus nerve is your 10th cranial nerve (brain nerve) and one of the most important in the body. It is responsible for your parasympathetic nervous system – the rest and digest part of your nervous system. You need to be in parasympathetic mode to sleep, heal and digest.

Singing and gargling are two easy activities that stimulate your vagus nerve. You may find your mood improves if you do one of these activities for a minute or more.

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Sources used: Holistic Primary Care, Heather Dane
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