15 Things Men ONLY Do If They Are Being 100 Percent FAITHFUL

Many people look for loyalty in a potential partner. However, infidelity is becoming more common. Results from a study in 2016 showed 41 percent of married couples admitted to being unfaithful, and over half of men and women said they had been unfaithful before.

But do not worry, if your man has these 15 characteristics, he’ll always be faithful to you:

  1. He keeps promises

Your man always keeps his word. You know when he promises to do something for you, family or friends, he will do everything he can to keep his promise.

  1. He likes your friends

He enjoys being around your friends, but keeps a respectful distance. He’s committed to you, and none of his friendships are stronger than his bond with you.

  1. He’s open with you

There are no secrets between you two because he knows he can tell you everything.

  1. He knows what pushes the limit

He knows what situations can lead to infidelity (such as a business trip with a female coworker) and avoids environments that could be hazardous to your marriage. Sometimes work requires him to be alone with a woman, but he keeps his interactions strictly professional.

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  1. He doesn’t reach out to his ex

He doesn’t justify chatting and hanging out with his exes. He cuts all ties with them.

  1. He knows being the love of your life also means being your best friend

Being friends is a major foundation for a loving and lasting relationship.

  1. He sets limits with his co-workers

He doesn’t let himself get too close to his female co-workers. His marriage isn’t a secret and he sets limits to make sure no one mistakes his friendly gestures for flirting.

  1. He knows you appreciate him

One of the reasons people cheat is to make up for a lack of appreciation in their relationship, according to family counselor Gary Neuman. In fact, 48 percent of men he surveyed said they cheated because they felt emotionally disconnected from their spouse. Showing your man gratitude and appreciation is one of the most important elements in your relationship.

  1. He isn’t a narcissist

Men who love themselves more than they love anyone else are more likely to fall into infidelity to inflate their ego.

  1. He loves being intimate with you

He treasures the emotional and physical connection between you. According to statistics, 52 percent of couples who were sexually unsatisfied were tempted to cheat, as compared to 17 percent of couples who were sexually satisfied. If you aren’t happy with your sex life, share your concerns with your partner. Work together (and with a therapist if needed) to overcome this obstacle.

  1. He doesn’t depend on compliments to be happy

He doesn’t need constant encouragement from you to know you care about him. But that doesn’t mean he doesn’t love compliments from you. Tell him how handsome he looks to boost his confidence and remind him how much you adore him.

  1. He doesn’t take full control of finances

He doesn’t hide your family finances from you. He wants to work together to set a budget and financial goals.

  1. He doesn’t flirt with anyone else

You’re the only woman he loves, so you’re the only one he flirts with.

  1. He admits his faults

He knows his weaknesses and isn’t afraid to admit them. He trusts you will help him overcome his faults as he works to better himself each day.

  1. He uses “we” instead of “me”

You’re included in his future. He doesn’t make important decisions without you because he knows marriage is a team effort.

If your husband does these things, it’s likely he will always be faithful to you. Let him know how much you appreciate everything he does for you and your family, because a man with these qualities is a keeper for sure.

Originally published on The Usual Routine
Originally translated from Familia
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