4 Buddhist Monks Habits That Are Hard to Adopt But Will Change Your Life Forever

Have you ever looked at the Buddhist Monks and wondered how they managed to live such a peaceful life? Ever wondered what habits did these monks adopted which made their lifestyle so satisfying and calm?

Well, you’ll be surprised to know that all of their habits are nothing out of the ordinary and they happen to be something that you can adopt in your daily life as well!

1. Outer Decluttering

Not everyone knows that the Buddha was born a prince, and many people find it quite surprising that despite having everything, he abandoned it all. While he could have lived in his big palace and could’ve had others do his work for him, the Buddha chose to abandon everything the moment he realized how frustrating materialism actually is.

And even now, after 2300 years the Buddhist monks do the same thing. These people happen to keep their material possession to a minimal and only keep things that they require in order to live their lives.

And usually, the number of possessions that they keep is so small that all of them could easily fit into a small backpack without any issues. These Buddhist monks have completely decluttered their lives from all the materialistic things once and for all.

Look at the things around you can see if you can get rid of them to make your life simpler.

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2. Inner Decluttering

Inner decluttering is another habit that the monks follow. These habits basically include just taking care of others and putting others and their needs ahead instead of themselves. And in order to do so, these Buddhist monks meditate.

This way they try to achieve a selfless attitude so that once they manage to do so successfully they can benefit and help others out. When one manages to develop such a selfless attitude, it becomes easier to focus less on your personal problems. You tend to become less emotional over the smallest of things, and your mind becomes peaceful.

This is what basically inner decluttering is all about, getting rid of all those selfish habits and making room for others to take place.

Try to help others as much as you can and have a selfless attitude. It might be tough at first but it can be done.

3. Meditate

Meditation is an important part of their lifestyles; Buddhist monks are known for meditating at least 1 to 3 hours in the morning and night-time well. This habit helps in changing their mindset in a positive manner.

All those who wish to adopt this habit can start by simply meditating for 10-30 minutes a day and increase the time.

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4. Seeking guidance from Old people

Nowadays people usually neglect people who are aged… Buddhist monks consider these people as a path to wisdom and seek out spiritual guidance from them. As older people have more experience, they are likely to guide you through the right path. There seeking guidance from them is probably the best way to tackle different situations in the best possible way.

Go have a talk with your grandparents. You might be surprised with the useful opinions they might have to share about living life.

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