He Rebuilt Historic ‘Tesla Spirit Radio’. When He Turns It On? This Is Terrifying! [VIDEO]

In the early 1900s, Nikola Tesla, one of the most popular scientists of all time, created the so-called “crystal radio” that could channel the spirit realm.

While many people claimed his invention was a sham, one man recently recreated the same device… and the results were absolutely shocking!

Tesla’s Spirit Radio uses a simple crystal radio circuit connected to a computer sound-in jack to generate spooky sounds from all kinds of electromagnetic sources. As you will see, it creeped the hell out of Tesla himself.

“My first observations positively terrified me as there was present in them something mysterious, not to say supernatural, and I was alone in my laboratory at night.” – Nikola Tesla 1901

“The sounds I am listening to every night at first appear to be human voices conversing back and forth in a language I cannot understand. I find it difficult to imagine that I am actually hearing real voices from people not of this planet. There must be a more simple explanation that has so far eluded me.” – Nikola Tesla 1918

When he finally turned it on, he heard this…

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