The REAL Truth About Baby Carrots: Here’s Why You Should NEVER Eat Baby Carrots Again

Baby carrots are extremely popular a little everywhere around the world. Whether used in stews, salads, or on their own, they have gained much popularity over the last couple decades.

But have you ever wondered what exactly this little crunchy snacks are made up of? Read on if so!

Ten years ago, NPR opened a radio news segment with a few words about a man few knew. Mike Yurosek, a carrot farmer from California, had passed away earlier that year. The homage was short —it lasted no more than 30 seconds — but for many of those listening, it must have been eye-opening.

“He actually invented these things,” Stephen Miller, then an obituary writer with the New York Sun said, holding a bag of baby carrots. “Not many people know that baby carrots don’t grow this way.”

To kill bacteria and prevent disease from spreading, the root vegetables are treated with amounts of chlorine. In addition, it takes a lot of plastic to pack the carrots. These two facts make eating baby carrots a less wholesome and environment-friendly alternative than regular carrots.

“The majority of consumers have no clue what they’re eating or how it’s produced,” said David Just, a professor of behavioral economics at Cornell who studies consumer food choices. “There are so many people who honestly believe there are baby carrot farmers out there who grow these baby carrots that pop out of the ground and are perfectly convenient and smooth.”

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The production of mini-carrots has resulted in less ‘carrot’ waste – but it’s no doubt that the ideal situation would be that grocery stores and consumers accept “ugly” carrots instead.

How Baby Carrots Are REALLY Made:

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