NLP Coach Warns: Detox Yourself From These People At All Costs (Unless You Are One Of Them…)

Everyday we meet a lot of people, we talk, we communicate, we share ideas… but most of all, we share energy.

Did you know that everything, literally everything, vibrates at a given frequency?

Nobel Prize winning physicists across the world have been able to prove without a shadow of a doubt that our physical world is just one large sea of energies that flash in and out of being within milliseconds in a continuous pattern.

That being said, people can be determined whether they vibrate at a higher frequency (positive people, enthusiastic, simply said energetic), or vibrate at a lower frequency (the victim card, the gossiper, the king/queen of problems, and many more).

We all know what is like to have a contact with someone who’s filled with positive energy within. We can immediately feel it, and it’s much more contagious as well. We start to feel uplifted and start to vibrate at a higher frequency. We align with them.

Unfortunately, there are more people who have accumulated a lot of negative energy. There are countless factors that determine why is that.

These are few types of people filed with negative energies you must avoid:

1. The one who is always a victim

He or she will always try to tell you that they are the victims of anything that happens. Actually, this is not true. But because of their own energy, they understand the situations different and want to complain. You can name a lot of people in your surrounding that behaves like the life victim. Life doesn’t happen to you… it happens for you, but this is wrongly grasped by the victims…

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2. The one who talks only about their problems

He or she most of the time use negative words and those words are firmly connected with negative emotions. That’s why they attract even the smallest problems “on purpose”, so they can talk with you and tell you all the time about them. “I have bad luck” is all you’re going to hear…

3. The one who criticize all the time

He or she will only criticize themselves, you, and other people around them. They will also criticize people who they don’t even know personally!

This is a way to turn their own reality to another side. By doing all this they run away from their own feelings and simply their own life.

These types of people make you feel even bad about yourself and make you feel anxious; and last but not least they take a lot of your OWN ENERGY!

What steps should you take in order to detox your energy negative people?


We often find ourselves surrounded with a lot of people and we feel that some of those people steal our energy. What does it mean to “steal” our energy? It means that after being with someone for a while, or simply after talking with them we start to feel down energetically. First we should recognize the “energy vampires” and proceed to the 2nd step.


After recognizing the energy vampires we should start to focus on our own energy and our OUR WORTH. We don’t want to be contaminated with negative thoughts, so we should start to be conscious about the worth of our energy.


After identifying the negative people in our life, we should be prepared to let them go. Believe me, you will immediately feel the difference in your energy. This doesn’t mean that we shoul hate them, but it simply means that the love and worth for ourselves is bigger.

After all, you don’t have to be someones victim… respect your energy!

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Turn your focus on what you love to do with your time, or simply focus on the positive people around you.

It’s that simple: if you surround yourself with negative people you will be negative and that’s no quantum physics (ups… it actually is).

Make space in your life only for the positive people and positive events.


Detox mentally and physically from negative people. The most important energy is your own energy. You cannot be, nor make someone happy by being negative.

When you start to recognize energies around you, you will start to surround yourself with “positive transmitters” that are good for you well-being.

Don’t let the toxic people ruin the energy you have. Just continue to sparkle with POSITIVE ENERGY!

About the Author: Magdalena Mihajloska is internationally certified NLP Practitioner & NLP Life Coach. She motivates, inspires and empowers people to obtain what they want in life. She is always ready to guide you through the positive way of setting your own goals. You can find Magdalena on her Facebook Page.

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