10 Symptoms That Reveal Woman’s Silent Killer – Ovarian Cancer

Every year, around 550 women lose their lives to ovarian cancer. If detected at early stage, this ration can be almost nullified. The typical and obvious causes of ovarian cancer include age, genetic predisposition and improper use of oral contraceptives. It is said that ovarian cancer is usually a silent killer since the symptoms show up discreetly. Around 80% women are diagnosed with ovarian cancer when it’s already in advanced stage.

Given below is a list of 10 symptoms of Ovarian Cancer:

1. If your backaches are frequent and you do not suffer from osteoporosis then it could be one of the signs of ovarian cancer.

2. Pain in stomach or pelvis mustn’t be ignored and immediately reported to a doctor.

3. Periods though regularly subject to social stigma throughout the world can be useful indicators to many aspects about health. A recently conducted study proves that ovarian cancer is more rampant among women over the age of 55 years. There, however, have also been sparse cases of ovarian cancer in girls who haven’t had their first cycle yet.

4. The modern life have us all working around the clock and as a result we may feel fatigued all the time. However, if you experience nausea, dizziness, shortness of breath or fee; tired all the time- it could be an alarming sign. An estimated 80 percent women actually had one or most of these symptoms when they were diagnosed with ovarian cancer.

5. You may think being full all the time could be a digestive problem, but sometimes, in women, it is much more than that and may indicate cancer of ovaries.

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6. Pain during copulation: According to Medical News Today magazine, pain during $ex is a strong indicator of ovarian cancer. Apart from this frequent urination along with pain and pressure in the pelvic area are obviously indicative of the same. These maybe early symptoms of the onset of ovarian cancer.

7. Vomiting: Jeffrey Stern, a famous American gynecologist, says that ovarian cancer often causes constipation in women. And vomiting makes it another symptom.

8. Bloated stomach is another dangerous sign and if you notice swelling in stomach, contact your doc immediately.

9. Excessive hair growth and dark hair: This may not be a usual sign but sure is noteworthy. Another thing worth noticing is abrupt and heavy hair loss.

10. The ovarian cancer has direct impact on the digestive system and the stomach. This impact is the strongest when the ovarian cancer is in the early stage. According to Medline Plus, “when you feel pain in the stomach area, other symptoms can occur: digestive problems, loss of appetite and gases.”

Dear women, if you notice any symptoms of the disease immediately contact for help. Do not wait. Our health is our primary project. Be well, stay blessed.

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