5 Definitive Signs Your Third Eye Begins To Show Your Place And Purpose In The Universe!

The third eye is widely recognized in the ancient cultural traditions around the globe. The third eye, in our modern civilization is symbolic of true knowledge and represents our ability to foresee the impending danger beforehand. But it goes beyond that. In ancient cultures of the East, the third eye is not mere fiction. With systematic meditation, one can manifest the spiritual eye and perceive the world with better clarity.

Here’s how you can tell whether your spiritual eye is opening and guides you to your place and purpose in the universe:

1. Dull sensation of pressure between the eyebrows

The manifestation of the third eye is preceded by a corresponding sensation between the eyebrows. You’d feel a warm and light touch if you’re meditating regularly. This sensation would grow prominent with concentration. This sensation is, however, not necessarily triggered by spiritual thoughts – it can appear suddenly, out of nowhere. This feeling, in turn, becomes a reminder and pulls you back into the realm of spirituality.

2. Foresight

Foresight or intuition is the ability to anticipate things before they actually happen. Concentration and spiritual growth results in the formation of an intuitive mindset, which becomes stronger over time. Initially, it’s a tingling feeling, a momentary spider-sense that comes and goes. But with regular meditation, this intuitive feeling grows stronger and governs our lives.

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3. Gradual, persistent change

The manifestation of the spiritual eye also accounts for a seamless, gradual change in our ideas and perspectives in life. The change is not a forceful, ritualistic process but a continuous one. It is characterized by a gradual channeling of positive energy, which happens only when you want it to. Is it truly a selfless quest, or would you do it just because it’s recommended or required by someone else? Have an open mind, to begin with.

4. Deeper connection to an inner self-reliance

Do you know who you truly are? In the East, there is a vast difference between ‘self’ and ‘THE Self’. Your ‘self’ is who you think you are, what you like and what you don’t – and ‘THE Self’ is the inner realization of your place and purpose in the Universe. When your third eye opens up, the way you perceive the universe (your Lebenswelt) changes radically, and you feel energized with renewed strength and confidence. When you feel that you are a glorious spark in the infinite and the universe is opening up to you in full bloom, know that you are being connected to the spiritual eye.

5. Lights

Much of the above-mentioned phenomenon are subtle and are not always apparent before the bare eyes. However, the vision of light is as apparent as it gets. The light appears in the spot between the eyebrows when you deeply meditate and concentrate on the third eye. The light may form dots, circles and abstract patterns, but at the final stage, it evolves to be a five-pointed star and glows with a golden hue in a dark blue sphere. This manifest form of the spiritual eye is widely known and celebrated in visual and verbal cultures of East and West.

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Image art: Noistromo
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