5 Fundamental Truths Even The Most Awake People Forget (Pay Attention To #2)

To find Meaning with a capital M in life can be a daunting task. It is not a surprise that in the hectic world today, even with all the connectedness, we all feel even more disconnected and lonelier than at any point in the past. But there are some truths which we make for ourselves. They become little moments in the sun to make this journey called life a bit bearable. Unfortunately even the most awake of us often get overwhelmed by the tedium that is modern living and forget these little things that could make a huge difference to how we see our lives and inspire us to hang in there no matter how tough the going gets.

This one life is all you get, as far as anyone can truly say. As Heidegger wisely noted “Death is the most certain possibility”. Going with the flow of events has its advantages but it compares poorly to taking a step back to look at your life. It is after all your life and understanding it deeply is something you owe yourself. Sometimes the road ahead is staring you right in the face and we hope the five little reminders we give you in this article will make you confront your own realities to your benefit.

  1. Failures really are the pillars of Success

Success comes on the back of years of frustration and failure. As clichéd as it sounds, it is a fact that the experience gained from trying and failing may be worth more than the complacency which often stalks the successful. Failure teaches you to pick yourself up, dust yourself off and have a go again. The pain you feel from your failures is part of the process and an essential one at that. Trust me if you haven’t encountered any obstacles on your chosen path you most definitely are doing something wrong. Like light and shadow success and failure cannot exist without each other.

  1. Being Happy and Being Successful are two different things

Unfortunately for most of us, ‘success’ is what society says it is. All the money in the world or even the love of your life cannot make you happy. You hold the key to your own happiness. No matter what you do if you do not accept yourself and love yourself you will not be happy. Being at peace with yourself will keep you happy even if you lost out on that promotion.

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  1. Life’s short, live it up.

We all have a limited amount of time on this world. It is especially too short to get bogged down by your own demons. Try something and challenge yourself. Life’s too short; live it up before it’s too late. Also remember, that it is never too late.

  1. Suffering is part of the Package

Pain and suffering will be regular companions on your journey through life. It is time that you accept them and realize that as bad as it sounds they too are essential for your growth. It is the journey that counts and these roadblocks on the way have the capacity to test you and also bring you closer to yourself and to those around you. We all feel pain at some point which is what brings up our last truth about life.

  1. We’re All In It Together

Take a look around you. Everyone in some way is a mirror of everyone else. Of course we’re unique in our own ways. But what we mean by this is that at some level everyone suffers. Everyone has their own battle to fight. But we all bleed off into each other. Some little part of you is in the person close to you and it goes both ways. That’s when you realize that even in your darkest hour, you’re not alone. The world is full of lost and lonely souls and it is to each other that we can turn to in our time of need. No matter the truth of the hereafter on this world at least all we’ve got is each other. It is when we realize this that accepting ourselves and our lives can become just a bit easier. And that is a small victory in this life of ours and it can mean the world to far too many of the people who are traveling this path with you.

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