5 Ways To Harness Extreme Energy Of Each And Every Full Moon (#2 Is A Must)

Full Moon is a phase of extreme energy. This energy is extremely good for us if used properly because it can influence our thoughts and emotions.

It is advisable to stay calm during Full Moon since the energy that comes with it, is very powerful. It is a time when everything becomes intensified. Our thoughts, emotions and everything that affects our body, mind and soul is heightened.

It is necessary to give a proper direction to this energy so that it could be used for our benefit, without causing any harm. The following are the Feng Shui ways in which we can put this energy to good use. Practicing these simple methods two days before, during and two days after the Full Moon can bring many changes in our life.

1. Say no to anger

Refrain from getting into any arguments, discussions or confrontations with people during this phase. Do not let yourself become angry since it will only amplify to a greater extent due to the energy of the Full Moon. If there are any serious issues that demand your attention then try to hold them off till the time this period is finished. Choose to be peaceful, quiet, meditative and forgiving.

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2. Meditation

Meditation is the best way to harness all that energy of the Full Moon in the most positive way possible. It will help in relaxing and rejuvenating your tired body and your senses. You can meditate individually or in a group. Either way the effect will be calming and peaceful.

3. Positive thinking

The peaceful atmosphere you create will help you in thinking positively, but you must be careful and not overdo it. Just like negativity, positivity also multiplies with Full moon’s influence and you could easily lose hold on reality. A few minutes of positive thinking will also do the job. You can express gratitude to the people around, you can appreciate the nature outside, or you can simply smile and give yourself a compliment.

4. Welcome imagination and creativity

All the dreams you have dreamed and goals you have prepared in your head are to be realized during this phase. You can channelize great amount of energy from this phase in order to make your dreams come true. Imagine and create your wish list and work on it with vigor and power. By simply imagining that you have achieved your goals, you can get a greater push to achieve them.

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5. Helping Others

You can help others by sending good thoughts like kindness, forgiveness and love during the Full Moon phase. When the energy wave is the strongest, you can send good energy to the people you love like your family and friends. You can also send good thoughts to the people who are suffering and the universe in general. All this has to come from your heart with genuine affection and care.

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