5 Ways To Visualize And Create The Life Of Your Dreams

“Conceive, believe and achieve.”― Lailah Gifty Akita, The Alphabets of Success: Passion Driven Life.

There is never a fixed mantra to success. Everyone has a different lock and subsequently different set of keys to begin their journey of unlocking doors of success.

In this journey, the pre-requisite is conception. It is often conjectured that the journey is of prime importance. Even though often the journey holds much more meaning than the destination itself, it is to be understood that visualizing the Dream, the goal and the Destination is vital. It is pivotal to have in mind the Dream that you wish to achieve in a very clear form. If you tend to digress in your thoughts, then it rarely becomes easier in practical to achieve success.

Improper visualization can lead our dreams away from us further. Walt Disney said, “If you can dream it, you can achieve it!” You must understand that in the wake of all those inspiring talks of achieving your dreams and running after them, you need to first form a fully developed picture of it.

According to Law of Attraction, if we dream it well we come closer to fulfilling our dreams.

Here are pro tips to visualize your dreams effectively and make them much closer in practice to achieve pinnacles of success:

1. Specificity: It is almost impossible to buy a new dress when you are out there standing in front of a pushy saleswoman with hundreds of dresses hanging around. It becomes further difficult when you don’t know if you want sleeveless, low cut neckline or deep cut, a sequin or a plain summer dress and so on.

This works the same way in terms of visualizing what you want in life itself. While visualizing a dream, keep in mind the key points that emerge out of it, those pricking questions that annoy the hell out of you and look for their answers. When you figure out the basic framework of what you want from life, finding out answers is easier and more organized. Organizing your success story will not be easy but it will smoothen the process of hard work that you need to put in. Also, you may start out with a basic framework of how your dream looks like, and may end up going in a different direction. Do not fret that because that is certainly not digression, rather all this hard work in the first step also makes you understand ‘what you do not want’ along with your wants.

2. Focus on what you want: Well, I personally believe in universe conspiring for us o reach where we ought to and sometimes the vibes we give out can distort that process. Even though it is highly recommended that one knows what they dislike and won’t do with, it is also necessary to visualize your dreams in terms of positive denominators. For example, when you go out to buy yourself a lunch, you cannot order this way: “I don’t want a burger”, “I hate fries”, or “I don’t want Chinese”. Rather the statements should simply and crisply assert what you want and end there. This helps both the receiver and the person who is serving you. Similarly, when asking universe for a great job or a great life partner ask for an understanding partner or boss and not that you don’t want a controlling boss. Why I say so? We attract what we give out to the universe. The vibes we will expel out is what the first thing we will get, or may be the final thing we get. Think positively!

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3. Let the universe decide how your dreams manifest and unfold: Do not ever try to control the process. It is a given that universe has a mysterious way of placing you exactly where you are supposed to be. Trust that method of the universe and never try to control it. However, that doesn’t mean that you are supposed to be passive. Try to actively involve yourself in the way you react to the happenings around you. Be active there! In terms of your reactions, try to control them, not the course of life. It is your job to decide what you wish for, but not your job to control how you get it.

4. Immerse yourself into the vision to feel as if you have already achieved it: After visualizing, with clarity, your dreams you must be fully involved in it and not look back. Get yourself so busy in the chase of it and the feel of it, that you have zero time to do negative self talk or general stuff that bogs you down. If the dream is about a job or in more primary terms, something tangible like a new jewelry, try to immerse yourself in the whole world of that dream. For example if you want to buy those diamonds and you have visualized what exactly you want, then fantasize about it, go crazy, think of various outfits you can couple with that piece and so on. If it is a new job that got you dreaming, then think of it as you already got it and what will be your action plan and how your life will be post a job at hand. This is a very simple tactic to keep you ever engaged with your dream and brings motivating vibes!

5. Let go: The most difficult and most important step where people mostly get stuck is to let go. You simply have to let universe unfold and manifest your dream into reality. Let it take control and run the course of your life in its own way. Believe! Let go of some of your control. This will help you enjoy the good parts of the journey and prevent you to fret over little negative nothings. Do not obsess over visualization now. You have done your job well and you simply need to send the message to the universe to take you there or bring your dream to you.

You have to understand one very important fact: it is the toughest right before you feel like giving up and also right before achieving it. So, whenever you feel like giving up on the universe, do not give up. It is simple: giving up will take back all that effort you put in so hard, and the message to the universe is broken and you fail. Remember, that sometimes you need to surrender to the universe and let go but that doesn’t make you passive because your actions now have to be centered around that dream. Go for it, and never stop believing in the power of optimism.

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