7 Fundamental Signs Your Third Eye Is Starting To Open (Pay Attention To #2)

The third eye also known as the 7th chakra links us directly with the Higher Self, spiritual center, and ability to access the akashic Records.

Developing this region allows us to begin to perceive the “truth” that surrounds us.

The Third Eye Chakra governs the Center of Wisdom, Intuition, Psychic abilities, Clairvoyance, The Pineal Gland, The Base of brain and third ventricle, Willpower, Higher consciousness, Insight, Spiritual discernment, Distribution center for transmitting prana (energy) to other parts of body, Divine experiences, Sleep, our Biological clock/Circadian Rhythm, Time, Telepathy, Awareness and much more.

A fully open third eye will allow you to experience the interconnectedness with everything around you in nature and will feel a deep connection with the Universe.

This is a deep sense that allows you to see the beauty in all things and to realize that your physical I is not your true nature.

Here are 7 fundamental signs that your third eye is opening:

1. You value others opinion

The first way of knowing your third eye is opened you stop calling people crazy. People are sometimes crazy, weird and strange in our eyes because the way they see the world doesn’t match how we see life. Truth is, everyone has a different mindset at a different stage of his life.

Now that you have opened your third eye, you’re able to dive deep into the underlying world and perceive everything as it – your vision simply expands.

The change in you has happened – you realize life is a matter of individual perspective, and you shouldn’t feel a need to label others just because they are different from you and see the world from another angle.

2. Dull sensation of pressure between the eyebrows

Typically when the third eye begins to manifest on a deeper level, there is a corresponding awareness of sensation between the eyebrows. It may feel like someone is lightly touching you at this point, or warmth. Many times this sensation can appear out of nowhere- whether or not you’re having spiritual thoughts. It’s almost as if it’s a reminder to pull you back into that spiritual mindset.

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3. The seemingly impossible becomes possible

What you thought was impossible is now possible. The strange, the absurd is no longer the same. You realize everything you have been told from others is a mere glimpse of the truth.

And with that comes a desire to change your core way of thinking. Your awareness is growing and you see much more, in other words, you’ve awakened from the state of mind you were previously stuck into.

You’re ready to take on new challenges and climb new heights.

4. Foresight

Spiritual development naturally increases the intuition. Intuition is the ability to know something will happen before it actually does; it’s a subtle feeling that comes and goes without warning. But over time, this feeling can get stronger and stronger, and become a guiding principle in our lives.

5. Gradual, persistent change

More than anything, getting in tune with the spiritual eye gradually changes our personality and perspective in life. It’s a gradual change that creates positive changes, without being forced or shamed into it. You do it because you want to- not because it’s required or recommended. You can see it in the way treat others especially; are you less selfish, more forgiving?

These are the things to watch out for.

6. Deeper connection to an inner self-reliance

You know yourself, but do you know your-Self? In the east, there’s a big distinction between the self and the Self. It’s the difference between thinking you’re a personality with like and dislikes and thinking you’re a spark of the universe. That kind of distinction will completely change the way you view yourself and the world, and give you a new sense of strength and confidence. If you’re getting a calm, clear feeling that the world is completely open to you and your potential is limitless, this is a sign you’re identifying more with the Self and connecting to your third eye.

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7. Lights

Certainly, many of the things above are subtle; they’re not always immediately apparent or overwhelming.

But the vision of lights is much more apparent.

When concentrating deeply on the spiritual eye (such as in meditation), the light of the spiritual eye may appear. It can be lots of different circular shapes and lights…but when it’s in full manifestation, it takes on the form of a white five-pointed star in a dark blue sphere, surrounded by a golden circle. This final form of the spiritual eye has been known for centuries in many cultures worldwide- and celebrated in all kinds of artwork and religious works.

Sources used: Sivana Spirit, Angel 4 Light, Inner Outer Peace
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