7 Highly Effective Habits Of Successful People With ADHD (#2 Is A Must)

Feeling constantly anxious, unable to calm down and the attention span of a mouse on meth are the common symptoms of ADHD. Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is one of the most common disorders affecting people today. Children with such a disorder have a different and unique learning abilities. The inability of society around them to understand their condition ends them being the ‘naughty kids’. Self-esteem and self-confidence become a regular problem. In addition, ADHD patients can get stressed out easily.

But as psychologists tell you; training yourself in certain ways can allow ADHD patients to be very ‘successful’. Success does not necessarily mean the conventional ‘earn obscene amounts of cash’. Rather, ADHD patients can be highly functional and lead their lives happily. Working with entrepreneurs who have ADHD we can see certain habits that give ADHD afflicted certain advantages over the Average Joe.

  1. The Time Lord

Time management can be a problem for people with attention disorders. Reigning in their ideas is the hardest part for an ADHD afflicted people, as they quickly lose focus. Time management apps have been developed by entrepreneurs with ADHD. It helps them to stay on top of their schedules and ideas.

  1. Chuck the Pills

Adderall and other prescription stimulants are just Band-Aids to the problem. It seems like a quick fix but in the long run the side-effects of these drugs will catch up to you. Natural over-the-counter alternatives are available nowadays.

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  1. Creative Surge

ADHD patients actually tend to be able to be more creatively inclined than most other people. Out of the box thinking is one of their specialties. In the world of business and PR that’s basically a superpower.

  1. Clear Your Mind

Get rid of all the annoying distractions (and there will be many) which will affect your attention span and reduce productivity. To avoid the pitfalls of not being able to focus, toss all the distractions that are competing with what you need to do.

  1. Inner Peace

Achieving Zen is not just for the funny Kung-Fu masters on TV. Taking stress is a major problem you will face. The bar for frustration is a lot lower for people with ADHD than for others. Figure out the things that can relax you and give you peace in your life. Without that peace you’ll go to pieces quicker than others. Being mindful and practicing biofeedback can help. Try taking breaks and go outdoors in between your work.

  1. Create a Box of Valuables

One problem ADHD patients suffer from quite a bit is often misplacing important things and forgetting about them. Make a habit to collect all of the key things you’ll need for your next work day in a basket or box next to your door. You will feel more confident and at peace because you’ll have all the essential items right at your fingertips.

  1. Don’t Let Ideas Run Away With You

One thing you’ll face often is getting bombarded by many great ideas inside you head…

Focus on a few key ideas or go through the things you would like to do one by one. Trying to handle multiple divergent ideas inside your head all at once is a recipe for chaos. You might try writing down whatever comes to you, but be organized about your own mind so you don’t become your own worst enemy.

In conclusion all we can say is: who said ADHD was going to set you back in achieving your goals?

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