Intuition Never Sleeps: 7 Ways To Hear Your Inner Voice Of Infinite Knowledge

They say intuition is a gift. It is an unconscious voice that whispers to us; the internal compass within human beings that guides them to best outcomes. Our “gut feeling” has proven to be superior to us and often it surpasses our rational abilities.

Sophy Burnham, the author of The Art of Intuition, defines intuition as “the subtle knowing without ever having any idea why you know it”. She also says that intuition is “different from thinking, it’s different from logic or analysis … It’s a knowing without knowing.” Intuition is also a way we interact with our environment… the universe.

Making decisions while listening to your intuition can be very helpful. It makes us aware of ourselves while making us feel more connected within. Intuitive thinking is often called as metaphysical way of thinking because it involves perception beyond the normal perceptive abilities.

Some people are more intuitive than others but that doesn’t mean we can’t improve our intuitive abilities.

Listed below are the ways in which we can enhance our intuitive ability:

1. Meditating

Meditation can work wonders for sharpening your intuitive abilities. A calm, peaceful mind can listen to its own voice better than one in turmoil.

2. Nature

It is advisable to interact with nature so you can feel connected with the universe. You can take a walk in the park or you can simply water plants that are in your home. Study proves that natural environments are known to improve quality of life in physical, mental, and spiritual healing.

3. Creative instincts

Let your imagination and creativity out of the closet and pick up that pen, paint brush or old guitar. Write, paint, sing and dance. Indulging in creative activities can better your intuitive skills!

4. Listening

Learn to listen and not just hear someone. Listen to your friends, family, colleagues and most importantly listen to yourself. There are much more hidden words in silence. Once you start paying attention to your inner voice and truly hear what others have to say, your inner voice can assemble better ‘view’ over your world.

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5. Bodily needs

Pay attention to your bodily and physical needs. Being more body conscious can help you understand yourself better. If your body tells you that it’s tired, then go to sleep. Don’t push it and do not neglect it. This attitude can help you achieve a healthier lifestyle.

6. Letting go

Haven’t we all heard this at least once in a day? Let go of things that cause you to worry. Life will happen on its own. Trying to get control over it is simply a painful task.

7. Be positive

Again, we have heard this one too much. So let’s try this frequently! Being in a good mood effectively increases our intuitive capabilities.

Intuitive abilities can really do miracles for you. That inner voice is magical. You just cannot explain it.

Once I had a deal breaker with one guy from Germany and I just knew something wasn’t right. Before signing the agreement I just couldn’t put my signature on the deal in front of me, something inside be didn’t let me do it. After 3 months I found x3 better and cheaper supplier from Denmark.

Just follow the steps above and listen to the voice that has infinite knowledge, as I would like to call it “our inner orbuculum”.

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