8 Steps You Must Take To Unleash Your Inner Unlimited Power (#4 Is A Must)

As human beings we always create.

We create every second in our life… we create our way of being here on earth. But the way HOW we create is very important.

The small creations we produce day are completely shifting the earth! Our own experience can be motivational factor for others.

Our example is of vital importance because we create our inner world; we create our emotions, feelings, values, beliefs, vision and mission. And of course, by creating our inner world we create our outer world, our reality, our relationships, our external behavior. In one sentence: WE CREATE OURSELVES with every breath we take.

Some people want to find themselves, but don’t want to create themselves. There’s a difference, because finding yourself means that you need to look for yourself, and creating means that you construct yourself all the way.

You create yourself with your inner unlimited power. And if we use it for the creations we want, we can create the person we want to be.

Everything depends on you and your inner capacities. Start to act as a CREATOR and start to create with your thoughts and feelings.

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You’ll surely be capable to do the next steps, in order to create yourself in your own way:

1. Improve your perception – You can always improve your perception, and by doing so you’ll open your horizon even wider. You will be able to see and feel things from another point of view. If you see the things as they truly are, you can make different choices and use them in your own personal creation.

2. Improve your clarity – If you have a vision for yourself, it’s easier to create a plan. With clarity you can see every right and wrong step on the way that can help you achieve your goal.

3. Improve you story – Your own story is your own personal and unique way of living. Your story means your identity. It can be an inspiration for other people and it can help them in their own creation of themselves. Be an inspiration!

4. Improve your personal breakthrough – breaking through is an ability that moves us forward.

Have you ever felt like you’re hitting a wall, and it simply stops you from achieving? That’s the moment you need to hammer that obstacle. Either it’s a feeling that needs to be faced (example. ex boyfriend) or a physical, existing problem (ex. owning money to pay your supplier). But the truth is, the personal barriers always comes from the mind.

Be ready to breakthrough in order to create yourself. Stop worrying about the outcome… just break your mental barriers.

5. Improve your intuition – Your intuition is always right… when you create yourself you need to feel it and listen what it is trying to tell you. Try to grab every signal your intuition sends you. Your ‘spiritual’ ear will improve with time.

6. Improve the letting go – Start to let go of what weights you down and anything that stops you in creating yourself.

Let go of fake friends, or ‘vampire people’ as I would like to call them. The ones that suck your energy. Sometimes even as simple as a smartphone can block our way to the self creation. Let go of the things that weight you down and suck your time every day.

7. Improve your empathy – Start to connect with others on a deeper and spiritual level. Try to feel the energy of other people. You have that source inside of you, just use it.

8. Improve you synchronism – Be in synchrony with your inner self. With everything you do, stay connected simultaneously with your soul, and feel it.

Have you stumbled upon an old friend? Seeing someone doing the same thing or speaking the same words as you? Or maybe experienced an accident? Are you thinking ‘Oh! What a coincidence!’ or ‘I could skip accidents like this…’ Well, you shouldn’t, because every single coincidence brings a message to you. In fact, there are no coincidences and accidents — there’s only synchronicity, and happens for a reason. Read more…

You are your own creator of your own reality. Don’t look to find yourself. Instead, create yourself and create your life in every day that passes by. You already have what it takes inside of you. Create yourself the way you want to and leave prints behind you!

About the Author: Magdalena Mihajloska is internationally certified NLP Practitioner & NLP Life Coach. She motivates, inspires and empowers people to obtain what they want in life. She is always ready to guide you through the positive way of setting your own goals. You can find Magdalena on her Facebook Page.

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