9 Signs Your Career Is Killing Your Relationship (And How To Fix It)

Our lives have simply become a quest to earn a living and spend time with the ones we love. It isn’t as simple as it sounds. Finding a decent job that suits your needs and a partner who loves you are not easy tasks. And even after getting a job and finding your true love it takes great effort and dedication to maintain a balance between the two.

Stress levels increase both at your workplace and in matters of the family. It’s easy to focus on just one of the two while completely sidelining the other. Mostly family stress levels end up bearing the brunt of the situation. You need to assure that you maintain a perfect work-personal life balance. However, many pitfalls come in your way…

Here are 9 indicators that your career is killing your relationship:

1. You Endlessly Complain About Work

It is natural to complain about a long day at work. But the problem arises when it takes over as the only topic of your conversations at home. The fatigue from work might reflect in your relationship.

Advice: Take some time to vent out your concerns about work and spend the rest of your evening talking about something interesting other than work.

2. You Don’t Go Out Anymore

Regardless of how long you have been together it is necessary to make plans to go out with your partner.

Advice: Think of where you’d take your partner on the fifth date. Studies prove that’s an important one.

3. There’s No Spontaneity

Sometimes it’s good to be spontaneous. Planned things tend to be boring and monotonous. A little spontaneity keeps the magic alive.

Advice: Acting on your sudden impulses once in a while may turn out exceptionally well.

4. You Can’t Be Away From Your Phone

Constantly keeping a check on your phone for work mails and social media update at the dinner table is a usual habit. This does not reflect positively on your interest for your partner.

Advice: Leaving your phone at home when you are going out for dinner is a great way to avoid distractions and focus all your attention on your partner.

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5. It’s Becoming A Competition

Most people nowadays are workaholics. This harms the relationship since there is hardly any time you can spare away from work.

Advice: Figure out a way to decrease working hours.

6. You’ve Stopped Having Sex

Being overworked is a basic reason why couples stop having sex.

Advice: Make plans to get back to your older schedule or plan to have more sex.

7. You Don’t Go To Bed Together

Working in late keeps you away from sleeping together.

Advice: Avoid work once it is bedtime. Lay in bed or just watch some Netflix or even read a book.

8. You Use Business Slang In Your Personal Life

Using work language at home causes strain in your relationship and reflects how you’ve been prioritizing work over family.

Advice: Avoid work language by texting like a normal person.

9. You’re Too Excited About Work

You may absolutely love your work and can’t stop talking about it. But it gets boring after a certain point.

Advice: Invest time in things that will make you happier than your work does.

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