According to Harvard Psychologists: Parents Who Raise “Good” Kids Do These 5 Things

With technology advancing at a blinding pace, childhood is no more what it used to be. Parents are getting more and more concerned about how to raise their kids as children nowadays have acquired new habits, new sets of behavior and attitudes that are radically different from what their parents’ childhood.

One of the main concerns of parents stems out of the fact that kids no longer feel the need to go outside to play or make new friends. Rather, with technology at their fingertips, they seem to lead a more secluded existence. Such circumstances have made parents apprehensive about how to take care of their kids in order to grow up to be complete persons.

Psychologists at Harvard University have conducted a study on this issue and they have come up with the conclusion that there are still innumerable elements that are very basic for every kid’s childhood… and it might not be as difficult to raise a child as it seems to be.

Following are the five secrets to raise a good kid:

1. Be a strong moral role model and a mentor

Children learn mostly from their parents. So you should be very careful about your manners and how you behave in front of your kid. You should not hesitate to apologize in front of your kid if you commit a mistake. Kids have impressionable minds and they acquire things from their surroundings quickly. You should earn the respect and trust of your child by being honest, humble and kind to them and they will learn to behave in a similar manner.

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2. Set high ethical standards and teach them to help others

You should teach your children that caring for others is as important as their own happiness. But words have no effect unless they are backed by actions. You should set high ethical standards for your children and teach them to be responsible towards others. Also remember that you will have to justify your words with actions.

3. Teach them to appreciate and be grateful

People with gratitude are more likely to lead happy and healthy lives. Teach your kid to acknowledge the things they receive from others and at the same you should be thankful about them for the nice things they do. But showing too much gratitude might spoil them. Try to maintain a balance.

4. Expand their horizons

It is very natural for children to care about their families and close ones. But that only will not do. Make them think about people outside their circle as well. It might include other kids in their classes or people from different communities or different linguistic backgrounds. They should be made to realize how their thoughts and actions might affect people from different backgrounds.

5. Spend quality time with your children

It is not enough to just be there for your kid. You should be able to make your kid realize about the bond you share by spending time with them. Let them share their problems and dilemmas with you. Your kid will not only love you more because of this, but they would also have an enriching and happy childhood.

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