13 Sings To Stop Anxiety From Ruining Your Relationships (#5 Is A Must)

Intimate relationships reflect our extreme selves and have the power to either heal or ruin us. When things are right, relationships feel like magic. But things aren’t as easy when anxiety sets in. Anxiety can erode the trust and patience between two people. Dealing with anxiety requires a lot of time and effort.

Anxiety affects different relationships in different ways so not all suggestions here might be relevant to you. A few ways of dealing with anxiety to strengthen your relationship are:

1. Top up the Emotional Resources

Anxiety might drain out all the sensitiveness you invest in a relationship. Instead of worrying shower all the love, attention, gratitude and care on your partner whenever you can.

2. Let Your Partner See you as a Support too

When you are dealing with anxiety it is most likely for your partner to pass of their worries as unimportant or not as serious as yours. Be deliberately available to them as an emotional support by reaching out.

3. Let your Partner in on What you are Thinking

Your anxious thoughts are understandably extremely personal. But sharing your thoughts with your partner will let you experience a different kind of intimacy.

4. Asking for Reassurance is Absolutely Okay- But Just Not Too Much

Anxiety makes you think of yourself as undeserving of love. Ask for reassurance from your partner but do not be needy. Give them the chance to love you spontaneously.

5. Be Vulnerable

Open yourself up to your partner more than you do to anyone else. You do not have to be over protective about yourself and your thoughts. Let yourself be vulnerable to love and being loved. Have trust in the fact that you will be okay.

6. Be Careful of Projecting Anxiety into your Relationship

Anxiety can be a real villain in your relationship. Do not let thoughts of jealousy and insecurity creep into your relationship.

7. Analysis leads to Paralysis

Focusing on your mistakes and problems drains all the energy out of you. Choose to invest more time in your partner.  Over thinking does more harm than good.

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8. Come Closer. No. Go Away.

Oscillating between opposite thoughts of your own is detrimental to the relationship. Work for establishing stability with your partner and have faith in it.

9. The Tough Conversations Can Bring you Closer

People dealing with anxiety often avoid tough conversations with their partners. But taking up tough conversation with you partner can actually make your bond stronger. The difficult issues won’t go away all by themselves unless you deal with them.

10. Let Your Partner in on What it’s Like to be you

Be expressive about what’s going on in your mind. Try to be as less complex as possible. Talk about how anxiety affects your life and work, and remind them how grateful you are to them for their constant love and support.

11. Let your Partner Know what Triggers you

Inform your partner about things that trigger your anxiety levels. This way they would know what you are feeling in respective situations.

12. Be Patient. The Quick fix isn’t Always the Best

Your partner might act differently but do not assume it is due to a lack of want for commitment. Do not be frustrated if they put off a conversation or are unable to grasp your thoughts wholly. Give them the time to understand you better and be patient meanwhile.

13. Make Sure You’re Looking after Yourself

Make sure you take good care of yourself and not just your partner. Take time to eat well, exercise and meditate. If it makes you feel selfish think of it as self-care and as a necessary investment in yourself and your relationship.

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