Are You Intelligent Enough To Create A Square By Moving Only 1 Matchstick?

For decades, scientists have attempted to measure the benefits of puzzles on the human mind. Although almost all researchers agree that puzzles help cognitive processes, the benefits depend upon a number of other factors, including one’s original mental stamina, whether or not one chooses challenging puzzles, and the amount of dedication one has to finding the solutions. In addition, researchers find that doing puzzles daily tends to be most effective. Here are just five of the main psychological benefits of regular puzzle use.

Improved Memory

Heightened Creativity

Facilitating the Whole Brain Approach

Dopamine Production

Meditation (helps the mind stay calm)

The Matchstick Puzzle

This puzzle will put your knowledge and analytical skills to the test!

The picture of four matchsticks arranged in a plus-sign shape with the red coated heads facing outwards contains a logistical problem that is driving people crazy!

What makes it hard is that you can you move only one match to make a square. Can you do it?

At first glance it looks simple and easy as a piece of cake, but once you start to try and solve the puzzle it becomes clear that this is not the easiest puzzle to figure out! The accompanying video that shows the match puzzle gives you less than a minute to try and figure it out before the solution is shown, so if you need more time be sure to pause the clip.

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For those of us who can’t seem to come up with the solution, and there will be many people who are baffled by this one, try approaching the puzzle from different perspective. Think beyond the obvious routes you may have already tried to solve it with and focus deeper on any other possible alternative ways to go about making a square.

Good luck and pass it on!

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