I’d Rather Be Alone Than Be With Anyone Who Doesn’t Deserve Me…

“Let it go. Turn away and slam the door…”

An anthem celebrating singlehood.

Born and brought up in a culture of fairy tales, we are made to think that getting into a relationship is primary. However, in lieu of doing so, we end up with someone who does not deserve us. It is high time we realize our worth and do not compromise with it. Not all relationships have happy endings. Neither do marriages. A lot of them end up in break ups and divorces.

People nowadays either go for easy hook ups or jump into relationships sooner than they are ready. Casual dating has become the new cool. A guy would be hardly seen going home without his date. The physical aspect to a date has become more important than spending time together.

It is not wise to jump into a relationship (especially marriage) with someone you have known only for a few weeks or months. You need to know a person inside out to decide if they are worth spending your life with. A relationship is not a piece of cake. It involves social arrangements and compromises on behalf of both the parties. It involves trust. And it is not easy to trust someone you have been talking to on a couple of tequila shots.

Hollywood cinema often projects a glittery romantic life which is not always true. But at the same time there are many movies that show there is nothing wrong to live by yourself. There has been many movies that endorse such an idea. If the successful Queen Elizabeth didn’t settle for anyone below her worth, then why should we?

One might ask what is wrong in putting your heart and soul in a relationship. To go against everybody to be with that one person. However, do we ever wonder if they are worth it? In the process of paying someone more worth than they deserve, do we compromise with our own worth?

Being dependent on someone is harmful for both you and your partner. You would stop living a life of your own. Everything would be surrounding him. Waiting for your crush to accept you, is not only emotionally tormenting but self-deprecating too.

You should not let people take advantage of you. They should not come and go as they please. You should not feel obligated to your partner. Then you are not doing things out of love but because you have to. Similarly, you should not let them take you for granted. After putting all the energy in the relationship, that is not something you deserve at the end of the day.

With more maturity as life passes by, we develop the ability to know a person. We shall be able to discern between who has true feelings for us and who is just pretending. We should value ourselves and know that we deserve better. But that does not mean that we would turn snobbish instead. It rather means that we should not settle for anything else than what we deserve.

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