If You Experience Any Of These Telling Signs You Are Highly Sensitive To Vibrational Energy…

Apart from the five senses, the human body is also blessed with an extra sense which is well-known as the “sixth sense”. It is often associated with the perception or intuition of something (like energy) which cannot be perceived by the normal five sensory stimuli. There are many people who are energy sensitive and are highly aware of the energy that surrounds them. They can sense good and bad vibes. Vibrational energy that makes up reality is what guides such people.

Listed below are some traits of a person who is, or might be energy sensitive. There could be many other traits but these are well recognized:

  1. Highly empathetic

People who are energy sensitive can understand and feel the pain of others more deeply than those who are not. They are compassionate and extend a helping hand more readily than others. They are usually the “first responders” as they can truly feel people’s emotions.

  1. Little high, little low!

Being an energy sensitive person is not easy. It has its ups and downs. Since the potential of feeling is heightened, every high feels exhilarating while every down feels exasperating. It is like a roller-coaster ride of emotions for the person. If you’re one, you will understand…

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  1. Unhealthy addictions

To combat the lows or the negative output of the vibrational energy, people tend to use substances like drugs and alcohol. Such substances create a false sense of “high” and help in reducing the suffering of the energy sensitive person. There could be other types of addictions like addiction to food, gambling, sex, shopping etc.

  1. Good judge of character

Highly intuitive people can tell whether a person is troublesome or not. He or she could determine the true motives of a person due to their exceptional intuitive power. Their inner voice is loud and clear.

  1. Could-be-introverts

Feeling too much could lead to energy drain. Too much social interaction can exhaust them emotionally. Energy sensitive people could become introverts to get away from all the mixed emotions. They might need a time out to re-energize themselves and set their affairs in order.

  1. Reading signs

Energy sensitive people are good at interpreting the signs of the universe which others might dismiss as “coincidental” or unimportant. They are deeply connected with the universe which improves their understanding of the world around them. They can find meaning in simple things thereby expand the knowledge of others. However, they should be wary of overstimulation because it can create a lot of issues for them later on.

Energy sensitivity is not a frivolous issue. It could be advantageous only if it is properly conducted. In order to channelize the positive outcomes of vibrational energy you should practice mediation and yoga. A calm, relaxed mind can be very beneficial for people sensitive to energy.

Avoid virulent people and explosive situations. Try not to overwhelm yourself. Self-acceptance and self-love are two major aspects that you should work in order to manage your gift of reading energy wisely. You could bring a positive change in the world by healing it with sensitivity and love!

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