If You See These 2 Types Of Relationship On Facebook You Are Looking At A Future Breakup

Some would say that a relationship is like the engine of the flight you’re taking. If you hear about it too often, there might be a serious problem. We all know that the Internet can act as a buffer state to keep out the dregs of humanity from interacting too much in the real world. Facebook plays an especially crucial part in that process. It’s the happy place we go to get a hint of how toxic other peoples’ lives are, get horrified by our parents’ political opinions or play Candy Crush (mostly play Candy Crush). But every once in a while you might come across something truly special on social media; the spectacle of the social media gladiator match between bitching couples.

Relationships in general need to have something sacred about them, and no… we’re not talking about keeping it confined to the opposite gender. We mean privacy. In the world of the Internet, privacy comes at a premium. Having your relationship swinging in the breeze in the glare of social media is never a good thing for the couple involved (and is either entertainment or a pestering annoyance for everyone else).

Arguing over the tiniest things with your partner on Facebook is a clear signal that you don’t care all that much about their feelings. Not to mention is takes a special sort of a**hole to assume that the crap in their life needs to be sprayed over everyone else’s newsfeed. A couple on Facebook is either fighting each other, or even worse being passive-aggressive. For a taste: “That feeling when SOMEONE forgot to pick up Arby’s on the way home for your birthday — feeling quixotic.” That’s one kind of online couple.

The other kind is possibly even more annoying. This is the types of people who have to show off their relationship to rest of the world (read 400 strangers on Facebook). Their relationship is as valuable to them as some new trinket they bought that they need to display. It’s downright creepy. If you have to give us a daily reminder that you are still in love, I do believe you have bigger problems at hand.

In short, great relationships are the antithesis of the above couples. They resolve issues without getting innocent bystanders caught in the crossfire. The person they most want to share the joy of their relationship with is each other. Relationships, healthy ones at any rate, can truly change your life for the better. This sort of misuse of it on social media simply cheapens it and honestly end up communicating how screwed up your life is rather than anything else. If your relationship is great trust me you do not need validation from Facebook.

It’s like what NFL legend Walter Payton once said, “When you’re good at something, you’ll tell everyone. When you’re great at something, they’ll tell you.”

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