What Color Is Your Energy According To Your Zodiac Sign?

Did you know that even stones vibrate at a given frequency?! Yes it’s true!

You have a distinct energetic signature and the energy surrounding you has an unseen color (there are special cameras that can capture these). You can have different colors surrounding you and they can switch based on your mood, different thoughts and overall health.

Some colors are more vibrant and their energy vibrates at a higher rate. When you are in a peaceful state or less energetic you may appear a different color than when you are in a high energy state.

This type of colored energy is very similar to our auras in that it’s personal to each one of us and can be read or interpreted by others.

There are different ways that the color of our energy may be affecting us. It subtly influences other people’s perception of us, our behavior and personalities, and thus influences our lives in both major and minor ways that you probably never even knew or thought about.

This fun quiz will determine your energy color based on your personality and what it reveals about you!

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