Synesthetic Artists Creates Mind-Boggling Art That Cannot Be Experienced By Everyone! [VIDEO]

Michal Levy, who hails from Israel, is an artist and musician. She is synesthetic and has a condition called synesthesia. This is a condition in which one is able to perceive two senses simultaneously. For example, one may hear and see at the same time. A synesthetic experience can help someone have different sensory perceptions altogether.

In Levy’s case, she does not perceive sensations as simply black and white, as they are supposed to be. The sensations that conjure up in her brains, empowers her with more artistic capabilities. She has the quality of seeing sounds and hearing colors. However oxymoronic it might sound, it is true. In her fascinating short films, she recreates this sensory experience. This is a rare experience that one goes through and is not experienced by everybody. But because of Levy’s videos and films, now more people can have a taste of what she experiences.

Intriguing as it is, synesthesia can be a dream come true experience for someone. The cross connection of sensory wires can literally give one a captivating experience. Because of that, one may hear sounds from images and see colors from music. It can be a hell of a joyride for someone who can experience it. This sensory experience is involuntary in nature.

I would be ready to sign up for such an experience at any time. Levy, through her films invites us to have such a thrilling sensory experience.

To do so, in her films, Michal Levy, a synesthetic, creates colorful animations. The animations are based on the sensations she gets from jazz music. Her films are a delight to the human eye. Pinned below is her latest video.

As shown in this video, an audio waveform, takes the shape of a pulsing and dancing skyline. It further morphs into a scintillating wanton of colors. And hence forms into abstract audio-visual images.

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Interesting to note among Levy’s creations are her sketches. Levy’s process materials and sketches exhibit a more literal description of a synesthetic experience than the video itself. In the sketches, rectilinear order clashes with hallucinogenic chroma. Images which are recognizable, intermix with abstract sense-impressions.

In one of her sketches, Levy gives this sensory experience another artistic expression. In that she expresses notes on musical rhythm in terms of geometric shapes.

Levy’s sketches are not merely a toddler’s scribbles on a piece of paper. Her art elevates into another level when she colors them with her designs. She has the ability to transform these empyreal qualia and giving them a meaning. In doing so, she in turn modifies them into visual narratives. She uses the basic principles of design like balance, proportion, scale and variations on a theme.

If you do not desire to take the necessary drugs to have the literal experience of synesthesia, Michal Levy’s videos are the next best thing to opt for. Happy watching!

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