This Is What Makes You Attractive According To Your Zodiac Sign


You may be a bit too confident in a relationship, but relax; it’s time to accept it. You can come off as a bit dominating though. You have a softer side as well. To smooth off the dominating bit it will help you to allow yourself to be vulnerable every once in a while. It will do you a lot of good to allow yourself to show that soft side to your partner. Also, given your personality type we can’t stress this enough; learn to trust your partner. Sometimes let them take over the wheel.


You are ruled by Venus which gives you both the maturity of age and the fragility of a new relationship. You are a sensual person and sensate world has a great hold over you. The power of touch, even with objects such as pillows, exerts a strong pull on your senses. As a ‘fixed earth sign’ make sure to allow your partners to express themselves and build a strong foundation for your relationship. You’re in it for the long haul.


Ever heard the term ‘sapio-sexual’? That means you’re attracted to big brains and not… well you know what I mean. Intellectual challenge and exchange are aphrodisiacs for you. But remember to not make everything a debate of the intellect and let your heart and emotions in on the action at times.


Nesting is what you specialize in. You need stability and security before you really let yourself go. Constructing that stability, through moving in together is your way of easing into a relationship. Understand your partner’s needs because they can often be different than your own.


Like the Sun you seem to be the center of attention and the life of the party. Similarly your love life will be peppered with the larger than life. Grand gestures of romance are routine. Try not to overdo it. The Sun can get pretty hot too and understand the times when you need to keep it simple. Basically, don’t be a douche, even if you mean well.


Loyalty is the name of the game here. Once you find a partner you can be loyal to those promises and vows will never be broken. Like the silver screen films of yore let the romance grow slowly. Formality can be a part of your courting experience and the old is gold rule applies to you throughout. Impeccable manners and the ‘Gone with the Wind’ swept off your feet routine is in order. Chivalry is what it is.


Honor is what is at stake here. You are looking for the perfect relationship and marriage tends to be higher on your priority list. To value yourself you have to take time out to be with yourself. This will ensure a healthy relationship with your significant other too.

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Emotions are always intense for a water sign so it’s no surprise that for you love is always ‘all or nothing’. You are fierce in love but quick to forgive. It is essential that you ensure that you get hitched with the right partner who can deal with your storm of emotions as well as the devotion you bring to the table.


You need your own space, period. The adventurous free spirit of the fire sign makes you want to try new things all the time. Keep an active social circle around you otherwise your partner will not be able to keep up with you. That being said your partner will have to give you your space.


With Saturn as your planetary ruler, decorum and a natural elegance are to be expected from you. You are willing to sacrifice more than usual for your work. Ambition is second nature to you and you need a partner who can understand that hunger in you.


Breaking the rules is what you’re all about. You are autonomous and need your space. It’s best if your relationship starts off as an endearing friendship. The right partner will love your independence so it is imperative you develop your own unique interests.


Sensitive and not being materialistic makes you a lover who can love beyond all bounds. You value a good listener and honesty. The quality of the time you spend together is what’s most important to you. Your expression of love is thus a sign of your own empathy.

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