What Your Egyptian Zodiac Sign Says About Your Life? The Accuracy Will Stun You!

There are 12 signs that sum up the Egyptian Zodiac. Certain days of the year are represented by each of the signs.

Each astrology sign is symbolized by one Egyptian God (with the exception of The Nile). The Egyptian God is meant to help those who are born under specific astrology signs.

The ancient Egyptians also believed your personality and life were determined by the sign you were born under.

Check your Egyptian zodiac sign and meaning bellow:

The Nile (January 1-7, June 19-28, September 1-7, November 18-26)

This is the only non-god sign of the traditional Egyptian Zodiac. The Nile is the beginning. People born under the sign are passionate and impulsive.

They tag along well with Amon-Ra and Set.

Amon-Ra (January 8-21, February 1-11)

The second Egyptian zodiac sign is Amon-Ra. People born under this sign make good leaders. They come across as being very controlled and confident. They strive to be the best at what they do and are motivational and encouraging to others. They may find success in counseling or mentoring.

They are like-minded with The Nile and Horus.

Mut (January 22-31, September 8-22)

The third Egyptian zodiac sign in Mut. Mut is a symbol for the mother. People born under this sign are nurturers by nature and make good parents. They are logical and practical thinkers and would do well in careers in law, nursing or teaching.

They are like-minded with the signs of Amon-Ra and Thoth.

Geb (February 12-29, August 20-31)

People born under the sign of Geb are kind-hearted and sensitive. They trust their intuition and their feelings and can be affected deeply by things happening in the world. They are environmentally conscious and aware of any harm being done to the earth.

They are like-minded with the signs of Set and Horus.

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Osiris (March 1-10, November 27-December 18)

Osiris is the God of the Underworld. He is a symbol of new beginnings. People born under his sign are good with new beginnings and have great intuition. They are prone to bouts of deep melancholy.

They are like-minded with the signs Isis and Thoth.

Isis (March 11-31, October 18-29, December 19-31)

People born under the sign of Isis are very direct. They like to get to the point with no misunderstandings. As Isis is a natural protector, they are very protective and mothering to those they love. They are have an energetic and playful personality.

They are compatible with the signs of Osiris and Thoth.

Thoth (April 1-19, November 8-17)

Thoth is known as the god of wisdom. People born under this Egyptian horoscope sign are good at solving problems. They have good memories and never forget a good deed done by someone else. They are naturally romantic and are always looking for a stable partnership.

They are in tune with the signs of Bastet and Isis.

Horus (April 20-May 7, August 12-19)

People born under the sign of Horus have a lot of courage. They take risks in order to achieve their goals. They love to be in charge and crave security. They are optimistic and want to always be the best in life.

They are well matched with the signs of Bastet and Geb.

Anubis (May 8-27, June 29-July 13)

People born under this Anubis Egyptian astrology sign love solitude. They are very passionate and need time to be introspective. They are introverts who love peaceful environments. Their emotions can be intense but they are generally very calm and even tempered. They are confident and have a regal air about them.

They are like-minded with the signs of Bastet and Isis.

Seth (May 28-June 18, September 28-October 2)

People born under the Seth Egyptian sign are perfectionists who are always seeking change. They have a hard time being in one place. They are good communicators and love to be the center of attention. They have outgoing personalities and love the challenge of any obstacle.

They are like-minded with the signs of Geb and The Nile.

Bastet (July 14-28, September 23-27, October 3-17)

People born under the sign of Bastet are searching for peace and balance in their lives. They have a strong intuitive sense and have a natural ability to sense the true motives of others. They may be attracted to the occult and metaphysics.

They are like-minded with the signs of Sekhmet and Horus.

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Sekhmet (July 29-August 11, October 30-November 7)

People born under the Egyptian God sign of Sekhmet are very down to earth. They are very intelligent and do best in positions of authority. The are perfectionists and have a good sense of fairness and justice. They would do well in careers as a judge or CEO.

They are like-minded with the signs of Bastet andGeb.

Sources used: Sun Signs, Experience Ancient Egypt
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