25 Ways She Tells You That She Loves You (Without Saying A Word)

It’s more than three little words!

Those three little words are probably the most heavyweight words in the human language. Whichever language you speak, those three words mean something far in excess of the size of the words or the time it takes to say them. As we grow older the words begin to get heavier. That’s probably because we know their import.

Love is not just about saying the words. Over a long period of time, actions speak louder than the words. The smallest gesture can be a greater affirmation of your affection than any number of plush toys with ‘I Love You’ smeared all over them. That’s what age does to you kids.

So if you’ve had your wife around for 25 years, this article really is for you!

If you want to know that she loves you, look at what she does, not what she says.

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In case you’re in doubt, here are 25 things a woman does when she loves you, besides just saying the words. I swear that my wife isn’t here as I write this.

1. When she’s squeezing your hand.

2. You can share silence with utmost comfort.

3. The pet names never stop. They also get stupider. (I’m kidding, they’re cute)

4. When she stalks you online. (You know in a loving sort of way. Sort of.)

5. When she starts taking seriously the things you are attached to.

6. When she can be vulnerable around you.

7. When she tries something you like, regardless of her own opinions about it. (Think Dungeons and Dragons or Klingon Boggle)

8. When she feels the need to share everything that happened to her.

9. When she’s brave enough to show you her real face. Without make-up. Think about it.

10. When she cooks for you. (Remember, honesty is not the best policy when she asks you how the food tastes)

11. When she rolls her eyes at you.

12. When she loses her temper. (aka when you’re scared of pissing her off)

13. When she reaches out to you at midnight. (and takes the blanket away)

14. When she pulls all those parts of you that can be pulled.

15. When she names your ‘tool’ down there. (Yeah I know)

16. When she misses your absence.

17. She asks you for what she needs openly. (Read: tampons)

18. When she trusts you with her heart.

19. Both of you cannot lie to each other anymore. (Not because you don’t care if she knows the truth about you, but because there’s nothing more to lie about)

20. When she farts in front of you AND jokes about it. (SHE jokes about it, you’d be better off keeping your mouth shut.)

21. When she gives you a shelf in the bathroom.

22. When she’s after your health. (It’s not just your life it’s hers’ too)

23. When she runs out of things to say and doesn’t force the conversation.

24. When she watches you get dressed in the morning with shining eyes.

25. When she wraps her arms around you and makes you swear that you will never let her go. Like never ever.

If you sort of check out on the above list, hurray! You’re in for the long haul man. Good luck!

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