3 Steps To Transform Your Relationship Into a Spiritual Communion

Everyone is waiting for ‘The One’. They wait for that one relationship to drop the elixir of eternal happiness right onto their laps and transform their lives forever. Everyone wants to be in love and hope that the Universe will bring along their soul-mate.

What they don’t realize is that life will always meet you halfway and that it’s always a two way street. The perfect relationship doesn’t come into existence, it is created. Both partners have to be committed to taking it to the next level. No, I’m not talking about the wedding vows. A spiritual connection with your partner is what will truly make your relationship a rare gem that will survive the ups and downs of time. It is only then that you can transcend the bond of bodies to the higher plane of the bond of spirit.

If you’re wondering how you can connect with your partner on a spiritual level here are few tips to help:

1. Fight for a Solution, Not to Win

Fights are a necessary and expected part of any relationship. The defining moment of the relationship comes from how the couple deals with their disagreements.

Think of fights between couples as a disagreement which needs to be resolved by working constructively to get a solution. Modern media has portrayed fights as insurmountable. They’re actually a great opportunity to understand your partner and grow together.

It’s a well-known psychological fact that disagreements are an essential component of communication. The inability to express problems because of the fear of getting into a fight is the actual problem. But if you do argue with your significant other make sure that the process is one of honest communication. It should be an airing of one’s true feelings and then dealing with those problematic feelings, together.

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2. Share a Silence

Spending quality time with your significant other seems like an obvious thing to do strengthen your relationship. Yes, you should spend time having fun together, but it’s also essential to be able to share peace together. What I mean by this is that the strength of a relationship can often be understood by the amount of time they spend sharing nothing but silence.

Silence is the greatest thing a couple can share. If you’re completely comfortable being with your partner for hours and neither of you speak; you’re at a really strong point. The comfort in silence is a greatest sign of a true bond. Meditate together and share the peace with each other and know that sometimes you don’t have to speak the words for it. The bond goes a lot deeper.

3. Sync Energy Fields

Every person traverses an energy field. Think of it like a spiritual fingerprint. Every person’s energy field is personal and unique and the greatest connection you can have with another person is to be enmeshed in their spiritual energy and existence. Try just lying together and let your subconscious selves mingle.

This will also bring a distinctive difference to your sex life. Making love will transcend the realm of the physical to be a true meeting of the minds. It becomes a spiritual exercise. It is that point that you begin to comprehend how your relationship has become an intrinsic part of both your lives and your subconscious minds… and there you have it!

That moment of perfect union is what half the world longs for and all of literature fantasizes about.

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