If Any Of These 8 Signs Show Up Too Often, Your Guardian Angel Is With You

“Know that you are divinely guided and watched over in every moment of every day.” ― Eileen Anglin

Guardian angels are known to be messengers from God. They watch over us, protect us from harm, and shine a light of guidance when required. Unlike the common belief that Angels only reside in Heaven, there are Angels who live among human beings in order to help them find their true calling.

Their presence cannot be perceived in everyday life. However, they do leave signs to assure us of their presence. These signs are often small and many times people ignore them for being insignificant. People with deeper insight and intuitive abilities can recognize what their Angel is trying to tell them.

Here are some of the well-known signs of an Angel’s presence:

  1. If you find feathers

Finding feathers – especially white feathers – is a sign of angels being near you. It is the most common sign of an angel. If the feather is found in an uncommon place, then it is all the more true that our guardian angel is watching over us. Finding a white feather depicts the gentle and safe way in which the angels care for us.

  1. Finding coins

It is often believed that angels leave coins for people who are in desperate need of it. If you find a coin in your path, or someone give you a coin, then pay close attention to it. If you were experiencing financial troubles or were distressed for some reason, then it might be a token from your angel signaling love and support.

  1. Seeing a Rainbow

If you find a rainbow on a rain-less day, then chances are that it is a sign sent by your guardian angel to assure you of its presence.

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  1. Shapes in the clouds

Sometimes we see clouds forming different shapes and symbols like that of a heart, a flower or a human face. It is a sign confirming the presence of angels.

  1. Random beautiful things

If you are feeling sad and depressed and suddenly you come across something beautiful, then it is a sign from the angels. They try to uplift us from our lower energy state.

  1. Intuitive feelings

Sometimes we can feel the presence of angels due to our intuitive abilities. They might even try to connect with us; it could be a fleeting touch or a barely audible whisper. It could also be a powerful fragrance like the one of flowers. Our dreams also play an important role in connecting us with the angels. Pay attention to such omens!

  1. Babies and animals

Usually babies and animals are more perceptive to the presence of an angel than adults. Animals can sense the presence of anything supernatural, while small children could befriend such spiritual beings. They tend to get excited about such things. If you see a child waving or smiling to something invisible, chances are that he is in touch with an angel.

  1. Pillar of support

Guardian angels will make sure that you receive proper guidance in life. If you have received help when you most needed it, then that is probably because of your guardian angel. Believe in magic and you will hopefully perceive it!

Have you experienced any of these signs?

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