Before You Date One, Here Are 5 Things To Know About Old Souls

“A more common explanation for the feeling of being Old in Soul is tied up in Buddhist and Hindu ideas of reincarnation, or metempsychosis. Interestingly, this is most likely where the origin of the phrase “Old Soul” came from in the first place.” ― Aletheia Luna, Old Souls: The Sages and Mystics of Our World

Old souls are those who have reincarnated many times and have lived different lives. They are different than the younger souls who might be born for the first time on Earth. If you have been called an old soul then don’t worry, it is not some demeaning epithet. It holds more significance than you can imagine. You can learn the meaning of being an old soul through your relationship with others.

How people react to you can be very helpful in determining your nature and habits. Romantic relationships are probably the best to gauge the charm of your old soul. You make it easy for people to fall in love with you because of your positive personality. You also provide the necessary conditions required for a serious long-term relationship.

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There are a few things that one should keep in mind while dating an old soul. Some of them are listed below:

  1. Keeping it simple and sweet

Old souls do not care about extravagant things. They believe in leading a simple life. They want to spend quality time with their partners. Old souls do not want any fancy restaurant dates or spending money on luxurious things. They desire the presence and company of their partner the most. If you are there, it’s good enough for them.

  1. Some alone time

At times old souls like to be by themselves and desire no social interaction. They need time to reflect on their life so they withdraw from the society. This does not mean that they are avoiding you or they are mad at you. Do not take it personally. Self-reflection is important for such people because it gives them a sense of direction in life.

  1. Incurable Romantics

Old souls are very romantic people. They believe in the idea of romance and desire it from their partners. They surely are simple people but they do have desires and wants. Romance needs time and thought and if you’re not able to make any effort to become romantic, it will perturb your old soul partner.

  1. They are (day)dreamers

Old souls are said to be dreamers. They don’t care if its day or night, they are dreaming all the time. They are often called out for not paying attention in class or at work. Dreaming is a big part of their life and if you are in a relationship with an old soul then you should understand this about them.

  1. They are unorthodox

Their approach towards life is quite different from other people. They believe in engaging with unorthodox ideas which can sometimes bother their partners. You have to understand that old souls are philosophical people who think deeply about their existence. They are not satisfied by surface appearances and like to dig deeper. They see endless possibilities in situations and numerous solutions to problems that make them look like a sunny optimist.

The right person will understand all these qualities of an old soul without judging them. In time s/he will perceive some of these on their own. Being in a relationship with an old soul can be challenging due to their unconventional behavior, but it is also a beautiful journey of love and commitment.

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