How To Seduce A Man In Under 5 Minutes

There’s a common notion that men are essentially simple creatures. There are only three things that really define men. They’re hungry, horny or sleepy. Surprisingly (sarcasm) things are a little more complicated than that.

Most women believe men to be primarily visual beings. They’re really dependent on their eyes especially in terms of things they’re attracted to. If they like what they see, they’ll hit it. While this is actually true to certain extent, it is not final.

Like all complex beings, nothing turns men on more than stimulation of the mind. Women who focus entirely on their appearance to seduce a man are running up against a dead end. That might hold his attention for a while, but without his appealing to the ‘second’ brain will not work out for you all the time and often never works if you hope to keep seeing this man for a significant amount of time.

‘Romantic Chemistry’ is a very real thing and can make him fall head over heels with surprising ease. In neurobiology it is associated with the release of pheromones and hormones such as oxytocin.

What those big words basically mean is that you’re in luck. The man becoming putty in the hands of his woman in only five minutes is a real phenomenon proven scientifically. Isn’t science great? So we’re going to delve into what makes this interaction tick.

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Law of Attraction

Despite the visual appeal of looking ‘sexy’ you must understand that seduction for all human beings is primarily a mental process. Physical appeals are obviously an initial hook, but remember that that’s not all there’s to it. There’s a reason why the conventionally beautiful or ‘hot’ woman strikes out with the same man who would rather fall for a seemingly less physically attractive woman. What goes on here?

It’s the fact that sexual stimulation and attraction is still a mental activity. You have to appeal to his imagination. A good conversation would go a much longer way in arousing his interest in you than that tank top, or those stilettos.

Elements of Attraction

The key element of attraction is something that often gets overlooked by people. In fact, this element transcends the bounds of gender and is good advice to follow when trying to make an impression on anyone. In case you’re wondering, we’re talking about confidence. Confidence and the comfort of being in one’s own element is a powerful tool to fuelling the attraction quotient. But that doesn’t mean you have to stick to your comfort zone. The nature of being confident is being able to handle whatever situation you are thrown in. It actually boils down to an ability to be honest… meaning being honest about yourself. The lack of pretense is the greatest booster of confidence and is sure to aid in establishing a real connection with another person.

The confidence may be expressed in a certain look, gesture or spoken phrase, but it doesn’t have to be overstated because your partner knows you, and they are able to read every statement you are making.

Absolute Attraction

Every last one of us has either experienced or heard someone talk about “love” at first sight. What they are actually explaining is the phenomenon of instant attraction. This is actually a mental process. What that means is that it can be triggered if you play your cards right. The brain is quite well geared to figure out rapidly if you’ll be interested in a particular person.

Give this a try…

Go into another room to initiate the mental game. While you are in the other room, send him a text that clarifies the image you are trying to create. You know what he likes, so this should be easy.

Then re-enter the room and walk by him, close enough to give the impression that you are about to make contact. But don’t make contact. After you pass him, turn and give the command. I will leave it up to you what that command will be.

Now watch how he responds.  I’ll bet you will be pleased by the result!

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