Your Relationship Deal Breaker Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Relationships are crazy hard work and sometimes luck matters a lot in finding the ‘right one.’

Since every person is differently designed, here is a list of deal breakers based on each of the zodiac sign:


You’re a self-assured and goal-oriented person. You like to be with like minded people. And if you don’t get the mentioned, it would be a deal breaker.


You’re steady and cautious and you dislike rushing into things. So your deal breaker would be a person who jumps into things with the least thought. You need to be careful all the time and that need remains unfulfilled if you are made to rush into stuff.


Kindest of all, you are a social animal. Also, you cannot be a wallflower even if placed in alien situations. For you, an extrovert would be best. Also, cancer will be best suited to you.


Most dependable and loyal of all the signs, you value your relationships. And if your partner doesn’t get along with your friends and family, that will be a major issue. Since you are amazingly compassionate, a partner who isn’t one would not be suitable for you.

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You dislike being lied to and you believe in frank and honest conversations. For you, a romantic partner would be someone who will be up front about themselves and their lives… one with whom you can lay bare your life. So, dishonesty is a huge deal breaker.


You’re the one who lives for travel. You are always on the go and love adventure. Homebodies, then, would be a deal breaker for you. You cannot sit back at home to have a nice time.


You are self-controlling and love to lead a much disciplined life. For you indiscipline and flimsy living is a huge turn off.


You’re freethinking and have an open mind and you believe in humanitarianism. So a person with narrow mind and rigid ideas wouldn’t be compatible with you. You are also said to be one of the wisest zodiac signs of all


You’re the peace loving sensitive sign. For you relationships are anchored in sensitivity towards each other and hence a person who is argumentative, fights a lot over nothing and one who is even one bit insensitive would be a deal breaker.


Leo the lion loves adventure and having fun. They are true extroverts and therefore, introversion might be a deal breaker for them.


They do not have patience for double faced people and therefore the deal breaker is hypocrisy. For them, honesty in a relation is of utmost importance.


Ultimate romantics, Libra are usually looking for emotional stuff and a partner lacking all that is a deal breaker. They just cannot be with someone who is emotionally unavailable.

Can you relate to this? Mine was completely true!

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