How to Use “The Principle of Mentalism” and Create the Life of Your Dreams

“The conscious mind may be compared to a fountain playing in the sun and falling back into the great subterranean pool of subconscious from which it rises” – Sigmund Freud

The brain is one of the most complex organs in our bodies. In fact, it is so complex that researchers still have not been able to understand even half of the human brain at the deepest level; how it affects us and gets affected in turn by the most unpredictable aspects.

When we talk about the mind, the conversation slides away from the cranial system and moves to the spiritual realm. The mind is said to be comprised of the Conscious, Subconscious, and the Unconscious; together forming the trinity of the human mind, which if mastered, leads to us mastering all aspects in our life.

What needs to be done is focus. Focus on our inner self will eventually lead us to the realization that our mind is the inner voice of our brain and spirit. It’s the invisible hand that supports and molds all of our thoughts and actions. And just like it is impossible to survive without a brain, it is impossible to do so without a mind too. Such an existence would be an empty shell.

The Principle of Mentalism states that ‘All is Mind’. This statement has infinite meaning. The human mind, although, isn’t infinite in its categories. It has:

1. Conscious

2. Subconscious

3. Unconscious/ superconscious mind

So which part controls our mind if our mind controls us?

Since forever, there have been disagreements over this question. It is seen as a struggle between the three parts of dominance over us. We do agree on few of the facts, one of them being that man is always aware of his conscious mind. It is the subconscious and the unconscious that remain obscure and yet assert their presence on every decision. This is seen as the ultimate quest for self-awareness; to become aware of the other two drivers of our mind and learning to control them.

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Conscious: The front level

Being on the forefront, we can say that consciousness is awareness; an awareness that resides in the present and helps you perceive your environment. The way we understand our surroundings and the inferences we make out of it leads us to make decisions that affect our lives. The consciousness maintains its hold on all these decisions as it never rests, even if you are asleep, or distracted. All our analytical thoughts and logical questions get processed with our awareness pulling the strings. Undoubtedly, consciousness is one of the most crucial reasons for our growth.

Subconscious and Unconscious: The sub-levels

The clarity of facts that surrounds Consciousness starts getting foggy when we move on to the next two levels. The subconscious and unconscious are more akin to the protected and deeper levels of processing that we possess. The most interesting fact is that these two subterranean levels compose of almost 95-99% of our mind. imagine an iceberg, the major components stay hidden beneath the surface, but have the most impact. Unlike the logical, analytical manner of the consciousness, these two are not so logical in their situation processing skills. But they contribute by being protective and creative.

How to tell them apart

Although both of them are part of the subterranean level of awareness, one must not get confused between them.

The subjective side

The subconscious is the subjective part of the mind. It is where our intelligence resides, connecting all the aspects of our life and using it to affect our decisions in a way that helps us the most. It also contains our emotions, memories and beliefs, a sort of spiritual center for our body.  The imagination, arguably one of the most crucial tools for our growth also stems this part. This is where we get our feelings, insights, intuitions and wisdom. Needless to say, this automatically becomes the birthplace for our perceptions, the same perceptions that affect our consciousness. If we become aware of it and learn to control this subjective realm, we learn to master our reality.

The objective side

The unconscious transcends the known and moves into the unknown. It is the objective side of the mind. More or less containing a universe in itself, the unconscious is a collection of all the minds of humanity. Our reactions are based on it and our basic body functions are also affected by it. It is what makes us tick from the innermost level. By saying it contains a universe in itself we give the image of vastness and inherent chaos. This is partly true, although, like every universe this also has its own mechanism; a system in chaos. The objective part of our consciousness has been in existence even before the existence of light, it is much deeper than we know, and the universal intellect resides in it.

The connection between the three

The conscious mind represents our awareness. It connects us to our surroundings and the universe. The subconscious is us. It is everything that makes us into who we are, be it our imagination, personality, memory, or sense of self. The unconscious, however, is the governing pattern of our life. One could say that the unconscious is an ocean, the subconscious being a boat drifting in it, while the consciousness is the compass/map in the boat.

The trinity and how to use it to improve yourself

We must aim to synchronize and use all three parts of our brain together. Doing this makes us more harmonized. Here are some ways to make the most of it.

Control the unconscious and you will automatically control the unseen aspects of your life. One way to do it is by practicing meditation as it links you to the subconscious and the unconscious parts of your mind. Once you become aware of it, you can start controlling it.

Change your beliefs and you would emerge a different person. As human beings since birth we are conditioned to believe and respect a set of standards, but in order to understand our true self we must re-learn every idea from scratch. It is only when we start discovering our true meanings that we will start creating new experiences.

Understand how the nature works. Only by understanding how it works you be able to harness its energies for your growth.

Keep in mind that you are a universe in yourself. Conscious, subconscious and unconscious mind are the major components of that universe, and awareness binds them all together. Aligning all of them together programs you to become better, both mentally and spiritually.

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