The Most Awkward Thing You Do In A Relationship Based On Your Zodiac Sign

While you were single, life was simple. You did whatever the hell you wanted and you basically answered to no one but you (except your boss of course). All that changed with the beast called the couple.

Once you’re in a committed relationship there are two people in the leaky rowboat of your life. Sometimes the quirks and idiosyncrasies make the relationship what it is. But that’s what you’d like us to tell you.

In reality, you kids have to deal with each other’s quirks. I’m not saying that in time you won’t actually love the person for all things weird. But it will take some time to get used to it. I can only wonder what sort of special hell polyamorous relationships must be.

Here are the awkward and strange (though specific) quirks you’re likely to encounter in a relationship depending on your zodiac sign. It helps to be armed with the information to truly be able to understand your relationship and make it as close (or weird) as possible.

1. Aries

You’re way too competitive. You look at everything as a sort of a match and it is essential that you win. If anything, not breaking this habit with your partner is actually your way of showing her that you love her. Just remember that in a relationship declaring a winner is rarely the point. Also she’ll be the winner most of the times anyway. Trust me.

2. Taurus

Your jealousy and envy can become your defining characteristic. You want to know everything about your better half’s ex. But understand that by doing that you will only feeds the cycle of jealousy and obsession. Don’t become her bitter half pal.

3. Gemini

You have a tendency to communicate with your partner in code. Over time your partner will be able to understand what you are saying regardless of whether anyone else in the crowd gets it or not. Yes, of course you give her all sorts of nicknames. You’re that sort of a guy.

4. Cancer

Once you’re comfortable in a relationship, the defining feature of your personality becomes openness. That’s normally a good thing, except you go into the excruciating, graphic details of it all. There’s nothing secret or fantastical about what you tell her, no matter how mundane or how personal.

5. Leo

Self-obsession is what you’ll see. Your partner will simply have to get used to coming home to see you not give a rat’s ass. I mean you’ll be really busy at not giving a rat’s ass, whether staring at yourself in the mirror or singing off-key at the top of your voice. You rule dammit!

6. Virgo

You’re all about getting romantic and making perfect moments. If the things don’t line up to the perfection fueled dream in your head, you’re not above ruining that moment for your partner and feel justified doing it.

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7. Libra

You’re one of those people who will go on non-stop about what their pets did today. Yes your pets define your personality in a way and you aren’t afraid to show it.

8. Scorpio

Let’s be honest. You have an odd superpower. You can instinctively tell when your partner is with someone from earlier in life, if they’ve done the dirty. You get really upset though if your partner denies the story. You know it happened don’t you?

9. Sagittarius

The jokes never stop. You’ve woven your relationship into a web of humor. Even at the most juvenile things you’ll laugh out loud and that’s the sign that you’re in this relationship for the long haul.

10. Capricorn

The things which everyone else finds boring are what you like to talk about at length. Not only that, but for some reason they actually turn you on. We mean really boring stuff like retirement plans and savings funds.

11. Aquarius

Personal space and privacy is not your strong suit. You won’t mind walking right into the bathroom while your partner’s busy on the commode. Or for that matter you won’t stop a conversation just because you had to take a dump in between.

12. Pisces

Confidence is the name of the game. You’re so confident about yourself that you don’t care what you look like (or smell like?) You know your partner wants you anyway.

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