The Thing About You That Pisses Everyone Off, Based On Your Zodiac

The most memorable impression that you leave behind with people is most certainly your annoying traits. You may not notice these elements and you might even make attempts to be approachable. But even then you are far from being perfect.

Here’s a list of factor in you that pisses off people, based on your zodiac sign:


Your temper is a huge problem. You tend to approach any problem in an aggressive manner. You are short tempered and whenever something is wrong, you consider your world to have been destroyed.


Grudges are a huge part of your life. In fact, your entire life is a grudge match which you just can’t seem to let go. This pisses off people around you and as a result they tend to avoid you.


You are aimless. Your biggest issue in life is that you are without any form of ambition. Most of the people try to attempt to take initiative in their lives but you are always following people and you never try to be the leader.

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The green eyed monster is by far your greatest problem. You are jealous over everything that does not feature you in it. You are never happy in anyone else’s happiness and you always try to be at the center of every crowd.


Virgo have a tendency to worry about everything, and I do mean everything. This wouldn’t piss people off so much if it wasn’t for the fact that you worry about things that don’t necessarily warrant worry.


No one likes a control freak, and that is exactly what you are. Obviously people never really like it when you start controlling everything, and as a result you may be subject to a lot of passive aggression. Just let people be.


To put it in simple terms, you are an a$$hole. If there ever was a professional prick, you are the one. While other people try to hide their negative sides, you on the other hand, are downright cruel and very negative.


No one likes a backstabber and that is precisely what you are. It only goes on to prove that you are selfish and if it suits you, you are ready to kill – no matter how close the person is to you.


You usually hold back your emotions thereby living up to the reputation of having a cold heart. You are detached from everything and this non-participation drives people crazy.


When the situation arises, people can count on you to not stand up to them. Your spineless stance has cost you many a friendship. You don’t stand up for people, nor for yourself, and this annoys people a lot.


You are never happy, always moody. Labelled as a physical manifestation of the Moody Blues, you just turn any event into an emotional ride.


You lead a secret life, never leaking any sort of detail. People however, are put off by this air of mystery that you have about yourself. They feel they can never get to know the real you.

Of course, these examples go to the extreme, but for a change keep in mind that you DO need to fix a thing or 2, okay?

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