This Is How A Man Chooses The Woman He Wants To Marry

How do you make him pop the Question?

$ex is not the driving force behind making a man want to marry you. He will honestly be attracted to you and will forever treasure his time with you. But ideally the bond that creates that marriage proposal comes from somewhere deeper. It is a much more elemental bond and has a life-altering character. The thing is, this sort of connection cannot be forged just through the heat of the bedroom.

What is it exactly that we’re talking about, you wonder? Well, men truly want to marry women who will make them want to be better men. I know what it sounds like. Men, for all that society imposes on them, actually have the capacity to change, but seem to be more dependent on their partner for that prod. Rather let me clarify. It is a natural and subconscious process where a man begins to feel the motivation to be better for you on his own. He starts caring about you at a more elemental level as opposed to the superficial level.

It starts out when we notice that our car and house are cleaner. But then it goes deeper than that. A noble quality comes over us and we want to take care of you.

It’s not just the small things. It starts with the smaller things. Making sure you have enough gas for your car. It could be making the house extra clean for you or leaving the toilet seat down. (I’m kidding the seat thing’s not going to happen).

What you might miss over though, is that this is a sign of a tectonic shift within the mind of a man and his way of looking at his relationship. These things signal the beginning of something more than genuine concern. The man begins feeling the effects of a mental and spiritual union with his woman. This manifests itself in small things but what it means within his head is that he’s yours. He will be willing to put your needs ahead of his own. Remember the concept laying your life for love? That’s no joke.

As a woman, you may be thinking, “That sounds great! How do I make it happen?”

The truth is there’s nothing you can do to make it happen. However, you can allow it to happen. It is a sign of you trusting the foundations of your relationship to be able to stand back and let nature take its course and forging the closeness that will make your life that more magical.

It’s energetic. The first and most important thing is that a man loves a woman who loves him, but not more than she loves herself. Some people call it confidence  but it goes deeper than that.

Confidence is what you can do; self-love is who you are.

The second key, which builds on the first, is allowing love to happen: You feel comfortable and worthy of being cared, not for what you do, but for who you are. Vulnerability is one way of looking at it. The confidence to be vulnerable around him is what makes him realize that this is going somewhere. Let yourself be loved by him.

For a man to become a better man, he needs the space and the opportunity to do so. In short, a man marries a woman who he believes makes his life better — and even better, you allow it to happen.

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