Understanding Soul Contracts: Agreements We Made Before Coming To Earth

Before we are born we are asked just one question by our soul family. “What is it you would like to learn this lifetime?”

It is then, in our answer, that soul contracts are formed. The world works in opposites. The dualist philosophers might have gotten some things right.

The best way to experience and learn anything is to face the opposite. Want to be patient? You need to be surrounded by people who will constantly push your buttons and really test your patience. Think siblings or babies. Zen masters are not the answer here. If you want to experience love, you must go through the fires of pure hatred to understand the passion of true love.

Your self-confidence will be built on a foundation of betrayals by people who were pretending to be your friends. It is within this very principle that all soul contracts are based, for it is only in being stepped on that we have no choice but to learn to STAND UP for ourselves.

The diamond has to be scrubbed before it can truly shine. Take another one. The best steel has to be forged in the hottest fires. These fancy sayings actually make an extremely valid point. To reach a state of peace we have to face chaos and violence. To truly grow we have to go through the rough school of breaking and falling apart. Pain can be either abusive or something to learn from. Needless pain is abusive. It serves no purpose beyond hurting you.

The pain of failure on the other hand is the anvil of experience. We learn how to pick ourselves up by going through such pain. The first step to growth is being knocked off balance.

The courage and the enormous effort you have to take to return to a position of being in the center of your own self is the payoff. That effort is far from wasted effort. That’s what builds character. The bricks of your personality will be set together with mortar of your experiences. Your ability form these experiences will directly contribute to how you grow as a person.

The universe in its infinite love for us will continue to send us lessons, and one of the most frustrating truths to accept is as follows: ‘Wow, you learned a lesson, you overcame a problem?’

This is the crux of what a spirit contract is. These events that are beyond our horizon influence our lives in subtle ways that we may not be able comprehend. Life will throw you a curveball and it is up to you to deal with them. Before you think that life will always be this depressing, remember that it is in this struggle between the spirit and circumstance we hope to find balance. We are mere men at the end of the day muddling our way along, trying to deal with our own visions of the Absolute.

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Image source: B13 by Tomasz Alen Kopera



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