Wondering Why Men Keep Disappearing? Here’s What You Can Do About It

Within the past five years the rules of dating have completely changed. We now have something that you all must be familiar with – online dating. Many people these days are leaning on the internet to find the love of their life. Online dating is seen as a place for hook-ups and temporary flings but there have been many instances where serious relationships have come out of it.

So why is it so difficult for some people to find a mate? Ironically, technology is to be blamed for this. In this age where love can be found by swiping “right”, it has become increasingly hard for women to find the one they are looking for.

Three big reasons for it are:

  1. Too many choices

If there are too many choices available then one tends to become critical. It can paralyze you and can make you picky. You must have at least one friend who’s clear example of this (or maybe you are the one). If you continue like that then there is no chance of your connecting with someone. No one is perfect. To accept him with his flaws is the first step in attaining a long-term love relationship.

  1. Too much competition

Since there are a lot of options for women, similarly there are lots of choices available to men. To eliminate competition and to secure the best of men, some women tend to lie in their online profile. You should realize that if things go well then you will eventually meet that person and your lie will be caught. Please avoid lying.

  1. Too many expectations

At times we build up so many expectations that it is difficult to realize the reality. We keep on living in our fantasy world and miss the opportunity to be with genuinely good guys who are out there. Understand that after all he is just a human being with imperfection, just like you! Fantasy men are good for the fictional world. The demands of the real world are completely different.

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Here are some tips for you to navigate through the world of online dating:

  1. Know yourself

It’s better to know yourself first rather than plunging into the ocean of dating. If you know what you want then it’ll be easier for you to make up your mind about the numerous choices that are out there. You will be able to judge him better since you are aware of what you want in a man. This self-confidence would also make you look more attractive.

  1. Fight till you get it right

Don’t give up easily if you’re not able to find the right match for yourself. Online dating requires time and patience. You will surely attend bad dates or be rejected by someone. Let it not break you. Love doesn’t always come knocking on your door; you have to work sometimes to find it.

  1. A dose of real life

At times the connection you felt during online chats, emails and phone calls might just disappear when you meet him in real life. Do not think that online dating is the only game out there. Real life interactions can also prove to be beneficial for your love life. Yes, it is seen as “old fashioned” but what’s the harm if you find the guy you wanted!

  1. Approach him

You can approach him first. If he finds this problematic then why do you even want to be with him? You can express your desire as much as he can. If you like him and have confidence in yourself then go ahead and ask him out.

  1. Have some faith

Do not lose faith in yourself if nothing seems to be working out. This is extremely important because nothing can dampen your spirits like losing faith in yourself. There are no “perfect relationships”, everyone is working hard. They might not show it, but trust me they are.

So keep your mind and heart open to the idea of love!

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