10 Sure Signs You Have Found Your Soul Mate, If You Notice No. 6 Do Not Let Them Go!

There is a difference between soul mates and life partners. Some people do not believe in the concept of a soul mate. They settle with their life partners and share a relationship based on mutual trust, respect and friendship.

While a soul mate relationship is not everyone’s cup of tea, it is the most beautiful connection you will ever experience. It will happen unexpectedly and could leave you feeling unsettled. You need to give it time to bloom. When it does, you will feel genuine happiness.

It is difficult to recognize your soul mate in this fast paced world of possibilities.

Here is a list of a few signs which show that you have found the “one”:

1. It’s something you feel

Everyone feels differently when it comes to their soul mate. Describing this feeling can be quite difficult. It cannot be expressed in words because of its profoundness.

2. Past life connection

Sometimes when you are with someone, it feels like they have been present in your life since time immemorial. It is like the feeling of déjà vu. You feel the connection between the two of you runs deeper than the present moment.

3. Higher degree of understanding

You two understand each other without having the need to say anything. You finish each other’s sentences and know exactly what your partner wants.

This level of understanding could be attained with time, like with your friends and parents. But if you have this with your partner, then you surely have found your soul mate.

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4. You learn to accept their flaws

No one is perfect, as the oft repeated wisdom goes. Your relationship with your soul mate will have its roller coaster moments but you need to look beyond that in order to live happily.

5. It is intense

A soul mate relationship is intense and full of passion. It could be negative as well as positive. During the negative phases you need to remember the happy times and remember the passion you have for each other.

6. Two bodies, one soul

Soul mates view themselves as “us” or “we” against the world. We have often seen couples morphing into a single entity (obviously metaphorically) with time. They are inevitably linked to each other by some inexplicable connection. If you have such a relationship with your partner then you have found your soul mate.

7. Psychic qualities

Soul mates often have this mental ability to know what is going to happen beforehand. Like twins, they have a weird mental connection. They might pick up the phone to call each other at the exact same time. You might be physically separated but your minds are invariably linked.

8. Feelings of security and protection

Your soul mate will make you feel like you have a guardian angel by your side. You feel loved and protected whenever you are around them. If you feel insecure and uncomfortable with someone, then s/he is not your soul mate.

9. Your life is empty without them

You will feel that life is meaningless if they are not present in your life anymore. You can’t walk away from your soul mate very easily. They complete you and your life.

10. Eye contact

Maintaining eye contact while talking is very important when it comes to soul mate relationships. You don’t have to make an effort to look into his or her eyes. It comes naturally from your deep-seated love and affection. Looking into a person’s eyes while speaking shows how comfortable you are with them.

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