10 Truths about Love You Won’t Learn until You’re In a Relationship

1. Love is not THE solution

People tend to think that love will somehow magically sweep away all their problems in life. Let me tell you, it isn’t so. Love cannot fix your problems and neither can it directly fix you. It can only make it easier to get over the difficulties in your life because you have someone by your side to lean on.

2. It won’t make previous relationship issues disappear

You will have to work on your past relationship issues on your own terms. You’ll have to work on your self-esteem and your current partner should not bear the burden of it.

Most people think that in order to forget the previous partner that (supposedly) hurt you, you have to jump in another relationship immediately. That’s not the way it works. It always takes time to heal, especially when you’re hurt from love.

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3. No right or wrong way

There is no textbook rule to love someone. There is no right or wrong way because each relationship is different and every individual has his/her own way of loving someone. You can’t say that he/she loves him right. If it had a textbook rule, you are looking at a book about business, not on love.

4. Cure for loneliness

Most of the times people look at love as an opportunity to reduce their loneliness. If you think that love will be a cure for your loneliness, then you are quite wrong. There will be lonely nights when your partner won’t be there and you will end up feeling irritated.

5. Learn about ourselves

A relationship is a good way to learn about more about ourselves. Love will bring about the best and the worst in you and you will face your own insecurities. You can learn so much about your personality and nature because a relationship explores such aspects of one’s character.

6. Loving yourself

Just because someone loves you it doesn’t mean your work here is done. Self-love is a weapon you always need to be armed with, because it comes before any love in this world. You need to respect yourself so that you are able to see if the other person is treating you right.

7. Love is not the only happiness

You can’t depend on love for your happiness. It isn’t the only thing in the world that matters. If you are too consumed with it and can’t see the world outside then I would suggest you to immediately stop this. Your happiness should come from you, always remember this. You should be your everlasting source of happiness.

8. Learning things about your partner

You both will grow with each other but there will be times when your partner might surprise you. You might think that you know everything but always keep an open door for sudden changes or surprises. Keep learning about him/her because if things become too predictable then where’s the charm?

9. Giving without expecting

Love will teach you how to give without expecting. You will feel an immense happiness with your soul when you unconditionally do something for the other. Love will teach you so much about kindness, forgiveness and making an effort just to make someone smile. It will teach you how to give and keep on giving without keeping score.

10. Honest with yourself

If you keep lying to yourself then how will you be honest with the other person? You have to accept all your emotions and thoughts before you put others through an ordeal. Don’t jump into a relationship if you don’t feel right about it and don’t feel disappointed if you want to get out of one.

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