13 Signs You Are With A Gentleman; No. 5 Is Why You Can Always Count On Him

Nowadays, there is an abundance of impudent, impatient and reckless men who don’t care about manners or chivalrous behavior. Being a gentleman is not “cool” anymore because it’s a ‘thing’ from the past. Even though it’s “endangered species”, the race of the gentleman is still viable.

A true gentleman is a man that is respectful to everyone in his niche (even outside of it.) It’s not just a ‘thing’ to lure a girl you want to date and show her what kind of as*hole you are. It’s a way of life. Being gentleman means to be respectful to elderly people, to a woman you would never date, and finally to the lady you would like to build your future with. Gentleman takes precise care of his appearance, is polite to everyone who deserves it, and is kind to all sort of women.

Here is a list of the qualities of a real gentleman:

1. Honesty

A man who is truly a gentleman will always tell the truth. He will not play silly mind games with you nor will he will dupe you with wrong intentions. You can expect him to be upfront about the problems in your relationships.

2. Eating together

He waits for everyone before he eats. He cares about people and is patient enough to wait for them before he picks up that fork.

3. Say no to bullies

He dislikes bullies and the act of bullying other people. He will be brave enough to stop such people in order to help those who desperately need it.

4. Bragging about sex? No.

While it is a common belief that men like to brag about sex, a gentleman does not behave in this juvenile manner. For him, sex with his partner is a sacred thing and he will not disrespect her by talking about it openly.

5. A promise keeper

Now that’s something difficult, isn’t it? But you can always count on a gentleman because he keeps his word. It shows that he respects and genuinely cares for you.

6. Paying attention

Most men just pretend to pay attention when their girlfriend or wife is talking. A gentleman, however, will not only pay attention to what you say but also makes sure that you never feel ignored or left out.

7. Kindness

A gentleman does not let his ego get in the way. He practices kindness even when someone is rude or offensive. He does not lose his temper at the drop of a hat. Being nice to everyone is quite difficult, but a more mature thing to do.

8. Safety and security

He is protective of you, but he does not overdo it like some possessive partner. Little gestures like keeping you safe while crossing the road or texting you to ask if you reached safely are the ways of a gentleman. He shows his protective and caring side in such gestures.

9. On time

He will not keep you waiting. He will show up on time and will keep his promises as mentioned before.

10. Chivalry

He will offer you his seat, his jacket if you are cold or his arm when you need it. He believes in chivalry and will not engage in immodest behavior or activities.

11. He offers to pay

He admires your ability to take care of yourself, but he will always reach for the check first because he believes in treating you like a lady.

12. Holding the door

He is extremely well mannered when it comes to such little acts of courtesy. You can expect him to hold the door for you, press the elevator buttons and open the car doors for you.

13. Saying “Please” and “Thank You.”

He doesn’t take anything or anyone for granted. If he respects you thus, you should know that he will respect everyone around him. He never treats people in an inferior manner and will never forget to say these kind words.

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