12 of the Most Glaring Characteristics That Define Empaths; No. 10 Is Why We Love Being Around Them

An empath is one who is able to put him/herself into another’s position in order to understand and feel what the other person is experiencing. They are good at noticing the behavior and body language of people, two of the clearest indications of what goes on in a person’s mind.

It would be an understatement to say that empaths are the best of us. People gravitate towards an empath even if they don’t share a personal bond with them. Their behavior, and their capability to understand and comfort are a rarity.

So, what exactly defines an empath? They sure don’t go around with a poster-sign declaring them to be so.

We give 12 of the most glaring characteristics to help you spot one:

1. Healing their way to happiness

Empaths are happiest when they are helping others. They provide advice and comfort for all their friends and others in need.. they are the mechanics for broken souls.

2. Say No to Narcissism

Being a caring, loving soul makes them averse to the ones that aren’t. A narcissistic, rude, or toxic person would be recognized from a mile away and duly blocked away from their lives.

3. Understanding what someone else feels

They are the people to approach when you feel alone and misunderstood by all. They will genuinely understand and connect to your situation and your experiences.

4. Asked for their advice? Better take it

You must never waste an empath’s advice, for they honestly understand what you are going through. It would be in your best interests to trust their guidance.

5. Being branded a ‘too sensitive’ soul

Being in touch with their emotions and being able to feel what others are feeling is overwhelming, something that might lead to stress. It is wrong to term it as sensitiveness; it’s simple exhaustion through too much exposure.

6. Being affected by negative news

Pain and suffering are also a part of the plethora of emotions that an empath is susceptible to. The strong essence of these emotions whether absorbed through news or friends affects them negatively and makes them feel empty.

7. Difficulty in changing self

Their persona and emotions can’t be turned on and off like a tap. These people make the best of friends owing to their transparency and understanding nature. They expect the same understanding from others and won’t change themselves to suit another’s idea of perfection.

8. Exhaustion as a constant

Given how exhausted a person might be by simply going through their own emotions, it can only be imagined how much of a toll it takes on an empath. They are open to not only theirs, but also the experiences of others around them, a feat that could easily tire a soul.

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9. Hypersensitivity to certain sounds

This also applies to certain textures, tastes and environment. Their heightened senses might get irritated by these unwanted sounds, environment, etc.

10. Best listeners

If you need a non-judgmental and understanding ear for yourself, look no further than an empath. They will give you the best advice and support for any situation as they would see the situation from your eyes, thus without any judgment.

11. Special bond with animals

Being open to emotions doesn’t necessarily mean only to the emotions of humans. Animals are able to sense their empathy and act differently, rather more lovingly around them.

12. Overwhelmed by crowds

Being in a crowded place overwhelms an empath as in a situation like that they become open to the emotions of everyone around them. It could lead to extreme mental exhaustion and therefore an empath prefers quiet and calm rather than a crowd.

If you have one around you, love and support them, for they will do the same for you. If you are one, brace up and keep healing others!

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