Boyfriends Ranked Best to Worst Based On Their Zodiac

1. Scorpio

Scorpio guys are charismatic and charming but they have a tendency to become deep and complicated. Scorpio men will give their love, devotion, and dedication to you always. They are the most loyal of all signs and make the best boyfriend. They do need their space at times and you have to respect that.

If you can win the heart of a Scorpio, you will have his dedication, love, and devotion for the rest of your life.

2. Gemini

Gemini men are quick to fall. They are truly the gentleman you desire. They are polite, respectful, caring and kind. They are perfect listeners and have a sense to see the situations from different points of view.

They will never disappoint you because they see a future with you.

3. Libra

A Libra will try to avoid any fights in a relationship. It is one of the most peaceful signs. They will only fight for the things they care about. Libra men treat their partners exceptionally well. They make sure that she is loved and taken care of.

4. Aries

Aries men are dominant ones in a relationship. They like women who challenge them. They might act as arrogant, but their heart is in the right place. They like to make people work for their time and attention.

5. Cancer

Cancerians have a golden heart which makes them chase the wrong woman (take care for that). They follow the dictates of their heart rather than head. They love their partners unconditionally and treat them well. They may spoil them with gifts and affection.

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6. Leo

They are the hopeless romantics you must have seen in the movies. They might carry the tough guy exterior, but they will go to any extent to make their partner feel loved and special. They value the support of a strong, loving woman. They are loyal and you can trust them.

7. Aquarius

They really live in their own world which makes them not such a good boyfriend. However, they do their best when it comes to a relationship. They try for their partner but you’ll have to make all the first moves because they can’t pick up signals.

8. Sagittarius

Sagittarian men are not able to decide what they should do in case they like someone. They overthink and take too much time and by then it’s too late. However, when they are in a relationship, they are loyal and caring and love to get their own way.

9. Capricorn

Capricorns have high expectations in life from everyone around them. They are highly interested in their partner’s career and private life. They like to make decisions and control situations which can be really frustrating for their partners.

10. Virgo

Virgos are the most jealous of all signs and have the worst temper when they get angry. They tend to bring up things from the past and just use anything to take you down in a fight or argument. They do apologize but it makes it difficult for one to love them.

11. Taurus

Taurus men can be quite difficult when it comes to commitment. They are usually focused on their career or ambition and cannot give sufficient time to their partner. They don’t date for the sake of it. If he can’t see you in his future, he will keep away.

12. Pisces

They are the most sensitive people. They tend to move towards people who might not understand their sensitivity and get hurt in the process. They can be very affectionate in a relationship but they hurt very easily and too deeply. They have a good heart and the best of intentions but they choose the wrong people most of the times.

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