4 Ways To CUT OFF With People Who Don’t Respect You

In life we come across such people whose real intentions are hard to decipher. A glum face could hide a kind heart while a happy face could breed deception.

In today’s world rudeness has become a common characteristic trait for many people. It has become the new trend to be purposefully rude to people. Maybe we don’t care anymore about the world around us, or maybe we just don’t want to let our guard down in front of others.

Even good friends and family members can show extreme rudeness which could possibly affect your entire relationship negatively. There is a desire to defend our egos but there is also a relationship that is at stake. Sometimes even simple questions can pinch us if asked in an impolite fashion or with too much arrogance.

You have every right to defend yourself and speak your mind. However, you can come up with a retort that will allow you to express yourself while still being positive and polite.

Here are 4 ways in which you can avoid rude people in life or if you happen to interact with them, do so in a respectable way:

1. A smile goes a long way

When someone is rude to you, you often feel angry and would wish to retort. It’s an automatic response to fight back, but nowadays we can learn to control that, because in the long term it will be definitely worth it.

From now on learn to wear a smile on your face. Your smile would disarm their impertinence and your kindness will make them recognize their own faults. Learn to be cool and calm in case you encounter such people. Often we are lead to believe that answering back is the only way to avenge our ego, but you know that it will only lead to more arguments and bad blood.

2. Wait in good faith

If someone makes a jibe at you, your instinct reaction is to be rude to him/her in return. This creates an endless chain of negativity and hostility between people. We just have to wait for those few seconds to pass and let our egos settle down so that no immediate harm is done to anyone. In this modern world of technology, waiting seems harder than it sounds. People are ready and loaded to react to rudeness with rudeness.

3. Matters of perspective

Just like there are 2 sides to a coin, similarly we have the perspective of the other person in an argument or debate. It is always important to consider the other person’s perspective. You can choose to take the high road and leave with dignity and respect instead of drawing out battle plans which in the long run would prove to be unnecessary and silly.

It is okay to not fight and walk away from something that will hurt the two of you equally. When someone is being rude, they only reveal who they are and you don’t have to take it personally.

4. Saying ‘Thank You’

To express gratitude to someone who just insulted you is something that is very, very difficult to do. But saying a simple thank you can make you look more mature than the other person. It is a safe “middle path”. Neither did you retort nor did you ignore the person’s rudeness. A ‘thank you’ makes the person realize that you acknowledge his/her rude behavior and yet you didn’t let it affect you.

By employing these four formulas you can easily avoid rude people without being rude yourself. Life is short and you should not waste your precious time on invalids like them. I mean you can do so much better than fighting another man’s battle. Live life with peace and contentment because people these days seem to have no chill.

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