Husband Pulls Plug On Wife In Coma, Then Hears Her Whisper These 3 Chilling Words

This real life story can be every family’s worst nightmare…

The son, Steven Pellettiere-Swapp found his mom, Lyndee, unconscious one day. She fell into a coma for 12 days before the doctors thought they must tell the truth-shattering news to the family – pulling out the plug…

I wish nobody in the world has to make this decisions, but as harsh and unfair the world can seem sometimes, the family took her off life support, and supported Lyndee’s last wish… they set her to be an organ donor.

One by one, the family prepared themselves for the last heartbreaking goodbye. Lyndee states that she remembers all of it. She even remembers doctors preparing her family for what would happen.

That’s when her husband kept whispering something to her. “I need you to fight,” he said. “I need you to fight.” She couldn’t move, respond, nor she couldn’t talk. But like her husband advised, she fought…

“I’m a fighter,” Lyndee uttered… The family was shocked to hear those words! Just as they were saying the last goodbye, right after they had pulled the plug, she was alive, alert, a real fighter till the last breath!

She made an amazing recovery and decided to tell her inspiring story of how life is worth fighting for, and how her husband words touched her to fight.

“Just because you are not conscious does not mean you cannot hear,” she told CBS 5 Arizona. “So you should talk to your loved ones if you are in that situation. They hear you.”

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