If You’re Single Stay That Way Until You Find a Guy Like This

Nowadays the definition of relationship has changed from what it used to be. Nowadays people don’t have a relationship; they have what we call “hook-ups” since no one has the time for anything serious. In a world that is devoid of commitment, it not so uncommon to find dissatisfied and lonely people.

Even those people who prefer to have a meaningful relationship find it difficult to escape the pain that comes along with loneliness. We jump into a relationship because we cannot stand being the only single person in a group. Sometimes we become so frustrated with being lonely that we accept any guy who comes in our life without even considering the consequences.

So you should stay single until you meet the guy who actually cares for you and makes and effort to put you first. Stay single till you meet a guy who holds your hand in public and isn’t afraid to be seen with you. He should be proud of you, that you are his girl! He should be shameless about his love for you and shouldn’t care what others have to say about it.

Stay single until you meet a guy who actually sees a future with you, someone who isn’t afraid of introducing you to his family. A guy who says, “text me when you’re home safe,” and stays up until he knows you are. A guy who makes you feel loved and secure despite the chaos that you are.

Stay single until you a find a guy whom you can proudly introduce to your family – the guy who lets you support your family and knows the importance of being with family. He should not try to change you or manipulate you; he accepts you as you are. He should be honest and kind and give you his time and attention. You deserve his respect along with his love which is extremely necessary for a relationship to last.

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Find a guy who doesn’t make you feel like he is a mistake.

A guy who keeps his promises and doesn’t try to impress you through falsehood.

He should apologize for his mistakes and never misbehave with you no matter how ugly the argument goes. Stay single till you find a guy who lavishes you with unconditional love and affection. A guy who send flowers to your office, because why not?

Be with someone who motivates you to achieve your goals. He should inspire you to become a better human being every day. You should admire him for what he is rather than how he looks like.

Stay single until you meet a guy who doesn’t treat you like one-of-the-girls he’s talking to. You should be secure of his feelings for you; he shouldn’t wander everywhere and anywhere. He should be certain of his own plans and goals and sees you as a part of it.

Be with someone who isn’t afraid of declaring his love for you even if he has to do it first. Stay single until you meet a guy who puts an effort in being with you. Effort is the sexiest thing in the world when it comes to relationships. If he is showing up in the night with your favorite food just because you had a bad day…don’t let him go.

Finally, stay single till you meet a guy who looks at you as if you’re the best thing that happened to him. Don’t rush. You have already kissed a lot of frogs. The prince is on the way.

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