Safety Expert Reveals The Top 5 Tips For Surviving a Workplace Shooting [VIDEO]

Let’s think about it. The Internet has such a complex and complete algorithm that (I firmly believe) it can form a profile based on what you search online, what you like on the social media, what you post on Instagram, Facebook etc… the ‘ordinary’ folk can be foreseen of his actions because ‘they’ already know how you think.

Now, you may think they got it all covered, but let me break it to you. What about the psychopaths and terrorist organizations that avoid social networks and using the internet on a daily basis, to skip the part that can be foreseen? What if someone losses his mind and chooses to go to a school or a law firm and takes one heavy rifle with him? No one can foresee that.

With so much happening around the world, especially on tourist places (don’t make me name the places and attacks) the threat of unexpected terrorist attack is real. It seems logical, as a matter of fact, it is a must to be prepared and ready to act if something happens, in order to protect ourselves and our family/colleagues/friends.

If terror strikes during a work day, what tips or tricks can help you escape safely?

In the video below, safety expert Bill Stanton showed us ways you can reduce the risk if the unthinkable happens.

He said that you must look for an exit and leave ASAP, and if that’s not possible, hide. Another suggestion he made is that if you’re currently in a conference room, flip the big table to block the door or use the chairs. He also shows us how to place a belt on a door hinge to prevent the door from opening, in addition to using barricades and other utensils commonly found that will help to stop the attack.

Check out the life-saving tips if the unthinkable ever happens to you. They will surely help you stay safe and survive. As a matter of fact, it could save your life!

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