Only 2% Belong To The INFJs, The World’s Rarest Personality Type. Are You One Of Them?!

Have you always felt that you’re different from the rest? You haven’t really come across a lot of people who understand you. That might be because you belong to the world’s rarest personality type – the INFJs, which is shared by only 2 percent of the entire population. Labelled as “the Advocate”, Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela and Mother Teresa have all been INFJs. And if you’re one, you’re just as special!

Two psychologists developed the Myers and Briggs system from Carl Jung’s psychoanalyst theories where they classified personality types by initially breaking down the personality traits into 4 distinct categories: extroversion v/s introversion, sensing v/s intuition, thinking v/s feeling and judging v/s perceiving. This system uses the criteria provided to perceive the category one’s personality favors most. For an INFJ, his personality tilts towards Introverted, Intuitive, Feeling and Judging.

INFJs seek lifelong friendships: You do not believe in making friends for convenience so you match well with ENTPs, ENFPs and ENFJs. You are compatible with extroverts who share your sense of intuition.

You’re a fixer so you gravitate naturally towards people who are in need of help. With their ability to see through people, intentions and motives, INFJs are prey to the Broken Wing theory that coerces them to help whoever has a broken wing. While this might sound as a rewarding task, it can be challenging and self-consuming, at times.

You’re a visionary: INFJs are skilled planners who have their focus on their long end goal. They always concentrate on the bigger pictures and are way ahead than their peers.

You’re a thinker who ponders over his purpose: You’re an old soul who’s always trying to contemplate the meaning of every action and the underlying purpose of your life. INFJs are often readers, researchers and intellectuals who stem from the very motive of seeking meaning.

Your decisions rise from emotion and insight: INFJs do not care two straws about track record or history. Your decisions reflect the way people make you feel and you go with your gut feeling most often because it has always been accurate.

INFJs make great creative writers: INFJs are endowed with the gift of language which stems from your introvert nature and need to pen down thoughts. You develop numerous skills as you spend a lot of time in your own company.

You’re a high achiever: An INFJ is a perfect amalgamation of a doer and a dreamer – they strive for perfection in all that they do. They plan every detail and make sure the end product is marvelous. They feel dejected when critiqued and can fall a prey to anxiety and depression.

They just knows things: An INFJ spots a person’s true character within minutes and is the first to know if someone is an imposter. This also helps them understand the cause of a person’s action which might be rooted in past anxiety and so they are naturally forgiving.

You’re empathetic and a great listener: An INFJ makes people feel comfortable around them without even doing anything. People tend to share their most personal rantings to an INFJ within minutes of meeting them because they would always be your confidante.

You prefer to work alone and keep a few friends: Though you are an amazing team player because of your diplomacy, you tend to work alone – work from home or in areas devoid of distraction. You have many acquaintances but you remain dedicated to a group of loyal friends.

An INFJ often feels lonely and different even in a group full of people. Though people around them perceive them to be extroverts, they are actually more introverted. While they can be the showstopper once in a while, they tend to not do it for long as they feel devoid of energy. They need to rejuvenate themselves by spending some lone time once in a while.

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