The Frequency of Healing: How To Raise Your Vibrations To 528HZ?

Everything in the universe including human beings vibrates at a frequency because we all are made up of energy. The Earth vibrates at a frequency of 528Hz which is the same frequency as Love – the Universal Healer.

This frequency is highly beneficial to us because it can repair and restore DNA damage, bring peace and harmony and create equilibrium in the environment.

Many people believe that modern day music and television programs are set at a lower and unnatural frequency of 440Hz which is designed to stimulate fear, sickness and oppression.

When your environment and your body begin vibrating at a lower or an unnatural frequency, it can cause illness throughout your body, mind and spirit. When your body is in harmony, it vibrates at the frequency of 62-68Hz and anything lower than this could lead to a weak immune system.

For example, cold or flu is believed to start around 58Hz, whereas cancer can appear around 42Hz. Also, before death our energy dips below 20 Hz.

Some of the things that lower our vibrational energy are:

  1. Stress, anger and anxiety
  2. Negative thoughts and toxic people
  3. Habits like smoking, drinking and drug abuse
  4. Unhealthy diet and consuming too much processed food
  5. Electromagnetic waves from equipment like mobile phones etc.
  6. Radiation from microwaves, WIFI
  7. Exposure to chemicals and pesticides
  8. Watching violent movies or TV shows

In contrast, we have frequencies that stimulate healing and bring about regeneration. These frequencies are known as the Solfeggio scale. It is believed to have been used in ancient sacred music and Gregorian chants for healing purposes.

Six main tones of the Solfeggio scale are:

  1. 396 Hz: Helps in emancipation from guilt and fear
  2. 417 Hz: Helps us to deal with changes in life
  3. 528 Hz: Helps in bringing love in the atmosphere
  4. 741 Hz: Helps in solving problems, is a powerful cleanser.
  5. 852 Hz: Helps in awakening of the soul, also develops intuition.
  6. 963Hz: Helps in connecting us with God.

Other methods to cultivate positive, healing frequencies around you are:

1. Vibrational Medicine

Essential oils, flower essences and homeopathic medicines are all believed to hold a powerful vibration and frequency. Rose oil has the frequency of 320Hz while Lavender oil’s is 118Hz. Fresh herbs also have a frequency of 20-27 Hz.

2. Organic Food

Fresh, organic foods seem to have the highest frequency ranging from 20-27 Hz. That is why healthy dietary habits are essential for our bodies.

3. Gems and Crystals

Every gem or crystal has its own unique frequency. It will depend on its clarity, cut and how it has been processed. Astrologers suggest us to wear certain gems which work in harmony with our magnetic fields.

4. Positive thoughts

Positive thoughts carry a vibration of 10-15 Hz. Due to this they affect our overall well-being in a positive, healthy way.

5. Mediation, Chanting and Deep Breathing

Meditation can help raise your vibrational energy along with deep breathing and chanting. These practices are good for establishing peace and harmony in our spirit.

6. Nature

Spending time in nature is a great way to harmonize your energy and bring equilibrium to the body. A walk in the park is sufficient to restore your energies to the highest level. Walking barefoot on the grass is a great way to connect with the energy of the Earth.

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